OPEN THREAD: Good Enough to Eat

You can't tell me Ralphie's soap didn't look like a popsicle.
Publish date:
January 15, 2016
masks, the body shop, avocado, conditioner, soap, bananas, Farmhouse Fresh

Ever since I was a kid, I thought there was something about bar soap that looked appetizing — like it was a giant block of white chocolate or a huge jellybean or something.

Maybe it was the intro to this episode of You Can't Do That on Television — where Doug's getting his mouth washed out with soap as punishment for cursing but he ends up loving the taste — that put that thought in my head.

I've never actually taken a bite of soap, or any other beauty product for that matter, but I've definitely come across a few where I've been tempted.

Just this week, Farmhouse Fresh sent me their Guac Star Soothing Avocado Hydration Mask, and guys, it really looks like whipped avocado.

Luckily, it doesn't smell like avocado. Actually — not luckily, because it smells pretty dessert-y. But despite the temptation to take a spoon to it, it's meant to be spread on your face to deliver the benefits of avocado — like fatty acids, vitamins and moisture — to your skin. It's really cooling and soothing, too, which makes it great to wear for up to a half-hour.

I've also come thisclose to sticking a straw in The Body Shop's Banana Conditioner, which has been around for years, but, tragically, I only discovered it last year, and I regret living my life all those years without its delightfulness. This stuff smells like the drinkable yogurt I loved so much as a kid.

So for today's Open Thread, I wanna know:

  • What beauty products do you think look or smell good enough to eat?
  • Have you ever tasted a beauty product? (Other than, of course, the natural consumption that comes with wearing lipstick.)
  • Do you or anyone you know have pica? That condition fascinates me!
  • And, of course, feel free to discuss any darn beauty thing you want.
  • Also, please don't eat any beauty products that aren't safe for consumption. I really don't want anyone to get sick.