You'd Look Really Cute Reading This Week's Beauty News in Drew Barrymore's New Flower Glasses

But you're not allowed to read it unless you're wearing high heels.

By now, I'm sure you've heard that several women were allegedly turned away at the Cannes Film Festival for not wearing high heels, and how it's so ironic that such a ridiculously sexist rule was being implemented in a year that the festival was supposedly making leaps and bounds in industry equality, and how Emily Blunt was quoted on exactly one katrillion websites as having said it's "very disappointing" and that she prefers wearing Converse—which I absolutely believe because I was in line in front of her at the movies last year and she and her hubby John Krasinski were adorably casual—and how several sites were calling her a "hero" for saying she prefers flats.

Guys. I love Emily Blunt, and I think the Cannes high-heel thing is bulldiarrhea, but being openly pro-flats while famous does not a hero make. It isn't news. Which is why it's not getting one of my very special sections below that starts with a different, larger font, like this:

L'Oréal is teaming up with Organovo to bioprint human skin.

In what may seem like creepily good news for would-be victims of serial killers who want to make skin suits, 3D printing of human skin is on the rise. But the real winner is lab animals. L'Oréal is getting in on the technology (which is already being assessed for skin grafting) in hopes of eventually eliminating animal testing while still being able to accurately predict how skin reacts to formulations.

"The process yields nine different types of human skin samples -- representing different ages and ethnicities -- that can be used to test various products," The Washington Post reports.

Y'all, I've never watched a single episode of Doctor Who and even I'm picturing Cassandra right now.

Drew Barrymore is launching a line of glasses that are as cute as you'd expect.

I've been a fan of Drew Barrymore's Flower makeup collection since it launched in 2013, and I've been a fan of glasses since my nearsightedness launched in 2002, so naturally, I'm pretty excited to hear that the Flower brand is expanding to include eyewear: both optical and sunglasses. Nothing's over $88—even the prescription pairs—and just like Flower makeup, the glasses will be sold only at Walmart. [Bustle]

Kids are using colored pencils as eyeliner, probably because their brains aren't fully developed yet.

Listen, we've totally talked about using nontoxic Crayola crayons to carefully and responsibly make funky-colored lip balm, but this? This is different. There are apparently a bunch of tweens and teens using Crayola colored pencils as eyeliner. These are not made of the same stuff as actual eyeliner (which is made of ingredients that have been ophthalmologically tested because, duh, it's specifically made to go on the eye area) and would be best kept to coloring in things that do not have membranes. [Styleite]

Rob Lowe's new skincare line isn't made for you. Oh well.

Rob Lowe is a very pretty man who is aging like foine wine, so it kind of makes sense that he, of all people, launched a skincare brand. One specifically for dudes. And he made it clear that it's for dudes by naming it Profile4Men.

"I think men deserve a line that's for them, that's not a repackaged version of a women's line," he told GQ, really driving it home that this is NOT FOR PEOPLE WITH VAGINAS, UNDERSTAND? So, of course, that makes me want to try it more.

Yep, another 100 Years of Beauty video.

Cut's really cranking these out, aren't they? No complaints here! I love these little historical beauty lessons, and the latest goes through a century of Filipino gorgeousness. [Yahoo News]

  • Which "100 Years of Beauty" video has been your favorite so far?
  • Do you use any skincare products made for men?
  • If you could 3D print anything right now, what would it be?