What Do Amy Schumer, Elle Macpherson and the Sometimes Great State of Texas Have in Common?

Why, they're all in this week's beauty news, of course!
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April 29, 2015
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I'm gonna start this week's beauty news roundup with something I can't believe isn't news, because it's so bizarre.

I got a press release entitled "Missing Co-Founder Of Leading Skincare Brand Found Dead," which is horrifying and sad (and not entirely accurate because I'd never heard of the brand, so "leading" is probably not the right word). The first paragraph explained that the 57-year-old woman was found on the hallway floor by her son and brand co-founder, Ryan, and that the cause of death is under investigation—it's all very tragic. The rest of the release was half obituary, half pitch, which was strange enough, but then the press contact listed was Ryan, the son who found the body. What?!

Within a few days, I'd gotten another press release about the brand's cellulite treatment. I know everyone deals with grief differently, but this struck me as truly disturbing. Maybe I watch too many Law & Order reruns.


Amy Schumer's "Girl, You Don't Need Makeup" is the best new fake music video on the Internet.

If you've ever rolled your eyes over the lyrics of One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" or Bruno Mars's "Just The Way You Are" (or hell, even Billy Joel's "Just The Way You Are"), this may very well become your new favorite satirical song.

At first, it seems like another "you're naturally beautiful" pop turd, but when Amy actually takes the boy band's advice and washes off her makeup, they have second thoughts and tell her to put it back on. Every line of the song is a quotable gem, and I love that it calls this recurring song theme's bluff. [Comedy Central]

This illustrator makes beauty products look even more enticing.

I want Calla O'Malley's gorgeous beauty-product drawings all over my apartment. Her Tumblr, The Palette, features illustration after illustration of high-end makeup and skincare items (as well as people using them or just doing beauty-type stuff), and it's addictive! I'm not a big Tumblr person, though, so luckily, she's also on Instagram. [Allure]


I've got that red lip classic thing that you like @maccosmetics Russian Red

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Natural hair braiding no longer requires a literally unattainable license in Texas, because duh.

Back in 2007, Texas lawmakers passed a law requiring those who professionally braid natural hair to complete a 35-hour course on braiding or risk arrest. There was just one catch: there were no cosmetology schools in Texas offering a braiding course. It apparently took them eight years to realize this makes precisely zero sense, but the Texas House of Representatives finally lifted these regulations last Thursday. [Essence]

International beauty icons are all over the map. (Get it?!)

Fashionista worked with Marie Claire to help determine who the biggest beauty icons are all over the world. While there was a pretty wide range of celebrities making the list—not at all shocking spoiler alert—pretty much everyone wants to look like Beyoncé. [Fashionista]

See 100 years of Mexican beauty in under a minute.

Speaking of international beauty, Cut's back with another trip through history, this time speeding through a century of Mexican looks. There are some SERIOUS Selena vibes in the '90s! [Bustle]

Elle Macpherson pays a lot of attention to her pee.

Eternally gorgeous supermodel and businesswoman Elle Macpherson was recently asked about stuff she keeps in her purse. In addition to revealing that she loves concealer by RMS, she also said she carries "a pH balance urine tester kit to check that I’m in an alkaline state," because she believes having an acidic body makes you sick. Unlike with concealer, she did not reveal her favorite pH balance urine tester kit brand. [London Evening Standard]

  • Do you ever test your own pee?
  • Do you have any favorite beauty illustrators?
  • Why is Amy Schumer the freakin' BEST?