Let's Talk Beauty Gifts, Plus COTW!

The holiday season is upon us, so let's get materialistic!
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December 19, 2015
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This is the last COTW before Christmas, so I thought we could use it to talk about gifts! Whatever holiday you celebrate, I'm curious to know if any of you are giving or asking for beauty products.

Personally, I have a habit of gifting clothes and beauty products (and books!) because it's what I'm into. Luckily no one has complained yet (well, I've gotten some complaints from my kid siblings about the books).

I'm pretty excited about some of the beauty gifts I've rounded up this year. My brother's getting some much-needed beard oil from Beardbrand: Spiced Citrus Beard Oil, which smells yummy and seasonal, and Tree Ranger Beard Oil, which smells like a forest.

My sister has a pixie cut like me and I started her obsession with Lush Dirty Hair Cream, so I'm restocking that for her. My other sister got her first apartment this year, so I'm giving her a box of Lush bath bombs to use in her bathtub.

Finally, my kid brother is always asking for cologne but my mom feels he's too young for an expensive, full-size bottle so I'm giving him the Trendsetter Gift Set from Scentbird, which comes with sample-size vials of three different scents.

My family's going to be a good-looking, nice-smelling bunch.

Now it's time for your Comments of the Week!

1. "Nina" blew me away with her description of this fragrance set:

I just got Besame's Decades of Fragance set, and I am SO IN LOVE with 1930. Here's my best impression of it: Hedy Lamarr is throwing a Christmas party. Orange and cinnamon punch is simmering on the stove, and she's taking a cake out of the oven. You pass her and enter a wood-paneled library full of her book collection and patents. Marlene Dietrich is curled up in an armchair, smoking a cigarette. She's wearing jasmine perfume. What is she reading? You have to get closer to find out. SCENE

2. I like the sound of this deep conditioning hair mask concoction from "Elise":

I mostly stick to coconut oil when my hair is looking and feeling sad. I added some clove and orange essential oils last time and really confused my brother by wandering around "smelling like Christmas" in November.

3. I completely agree with "Leaves of Lorien" about Danielle's stormtrooper article.

I am SCREAMING at how much I love this article!!! And I agree 1000% with Erin's assessment of Amidala: she was always my favorite female character because despite not being an actual melee fighter, she still fought for what was right with her brain and her voice (and also her costumes were The Best Ever). Love the 501st. Love xoVain. Love that I can be a sophisticated, glamorous lady nerd, after what seems like a lifetime of not believing that was possible.

4. "lucinda veen" was spot-on about plus-sized models in the beauty industry:

There may be no such thing as plus-sized cosmetics, but there's still a beauty standard that teaches us that thin, angular faces are more attractive than round, chubby faces (why do you think contouring is so popular?). Clementine Desseaux is beautiful, but if I didn't already know she was a plus-sized model, I'd have no way to determine that from the Louboutin photo: her face is quite angular, with high, prominent cheekbones. There are as many face shapes as there are body shapes, and I'd like to see the beauty industry do more to acknowledge that!

5. And on a humorous note, "nooneputsbabyinthecorner" raised a very valid point about bubble wrap hair curlers

What if the bubble wrap pops when you roll over in your sleep and it wakes you up? Please tell me I'm not the only person who's thinking that.

I had a good laugh imagining that scenario.

  • Is anyone giving their loved ones beauty gifts this holiday?
  • What beauty product would you most like to receive?
  • And feel free to talk about your holiday plans or vent about the holidays or whatever you'd like!