Celebrity Body Parts and Free MAC Makeup: It's What's For Dinner. JK, It's What's in This Week's Beauty News

Plus, pro football players who may want to consider a career change and a university that may want to consider a policy change.
Publish date:
February 3, 2016
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I'm that person who, when I pick up a prescription at CVS or just buy Febreze and a Suzanne Somers 3-Way Poncho, dreads that "Do you have an ExtraCare card?" question, because I don't. I never do. Even though I could be saving money by using that little red keychain tag, I always forget to complete the sign-up process.

Usually, the cashier is cool enough to scan the register card for me so I can at least get any card-dependent deals being offered that day, but that doesn't help me build up those coveted rewards.

I have literally no idea what the CVS rewards are, but maybe I'd be more motivated to use the card if the rewards were, like, free MAC makeup artist sessions or something. That wouldn't make sense for CVS, though; it would, however, make sense for a MAC rewards program, which brings us to our first news item.

MAC wants to shower you with gifts

MAC has just announced a new rewards program that offers perks to anyone from the casual MAC experimenter to the most loyal, full-blown devotee. Essentially free, at least at the entry level, MAC Select has three different tiers of membership.

  • Seduced: This no-minimum-purchase level includes access to exclusive limited-edition products, an anniversary gift, complimentary samples online, free standard shipping, an expanded version of the Back-to-MAC program (where you return empty containers for a new product — except in Massachusetts, for some reason) and a Back-to-MAC tracker.
  • Devoted: Members who spend $150 a year get everything Seduced members get, plus early access on select collections, enhanced product samples online (whatever that means), a complimentary express makeup application, and free two-day shipping on $50 purchases.
  • Obsessed: When you dish out $500 a year, you'll get all of the above, plus exclusive limited-edition products, first access to shop selected collections and new products, and two complimentary makeup applications.

Even if you don't think you'll hit one of the spendy levels of membership, it's totally worth signing up just for the minimum rewards, don't you think?

Ariel Winter DGAF that you think she should cover her boob scars

Because people are super-classy, Twitter users felt it was somehow their duty to point out and complain about the visibility of Modern Family actress and person-who-turned-18-literally-last-week Ariel Winter's breast-reduction scars when she was on the Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet.

Winter, who has been open about choosing to surgically reduce her bra size from 32F to 34D and can wear whatever the hell she wants (ideally without body commentary from the digital peanut gallery), could've ignored the shittiness, but instead, she posted her own comment on Twitter.


Yep. This.

One university is Big-Brothering their freshmen into being fit

My nephew is currently on the receiving end of an influx of college acceptance letters (go Adam!), none of which are from Oral Roberts University. It would be weird if my nephew had applied to good ol' Oral U, considering it's a Christian college and he's a nice Jewish boy, but if he had, I'd probably urge him to attend another school after hearing about how they're trying to prevent the notorious "Freshman 15" weight gain.

"Oral Roberts implemented a new prerequisite for their first-year students in January, requiring all freshmen to wear a Fitbit fitness tracker. The device's data, which includes statistics on steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned, will sync to the school's online grade book, where instructors will evaluate students according to how much they exercise on a weekly basis," Yahoo reports. Furthermore, "if students don't fulfill their healthy/physical education requirements, they will be considered 'deficient' and need to enroll in additional fitness classes the following semester."

Oh, this is gonna go well.

Kristen Stewart is going to make eyes at you until you buy some makeup

When I think of Kristen Stewart, I don't picture a person who's super-into makeup — except maybe some heavy eyeliner. So maybe it makes sense, then, that she's been named the face of Chanel eye makeup. So... I guess, more accurately, she's been named the eyes of the collection?

"The actress will appear in a campaign called Collection Eyes 2016, which was photographed by Mario Testino and is to break in March," WWD reports.

This is even cuter than the Puppy Bowl

The Super Bowl! File under things I don't care about.

This new series of videos from Pantene, however, featuring NFL dads doing their daughters' hair — that I'm happy to watch.

Brilliant free idea: Instead of watching the Super Bowl this Sunday, just watch Pantene Dad-Do video playlist on repeat. You're welcome.

  • Did your dad ever attempt to do your hair?
  • Are you going to sign up for MAC Select?
  • Do you cover your scars?
  • If you were hired for a beauty campaign based on one body part, which of your body parts do you think would get you the job?