Anyone Else Tired Of Online Campaign Ads? Plus COTW!

Publish date:
November 1, 2014
cotw, halloween, hair care, bleached ends

Is anyone else sick to death of campaign ads? You’re just cruising around the Internet, reading about last-minute Halloween costumes, and these ads start blasting messages of how “Candidate X probably eats children!” I’m really excited to vote, for real, but I’m not into be accosted while I’m trying to get my daily beauty fix.

Anyway, here are your Comments of the Week!

1. We always love to hear what you think, and it warms my black little heart when it’s positive! Mari’s Monet eye makeup look was super inspiring, and “Julia” gave us the best compliment ever.

2. Calle’s post about beauty horror stories brought out my favorite comments this week; it was so hard to choose! But “MoseyM” showed her creative writing chops.

3. As if you needed another reason to visit New Zealand, Morgan's piece about a #feminist-makeupping event inspired some spirited responses. I loved what "collier" had to say:

4. Christina’s article about beauty role models on TV made me wistful for my favorite leadings ladies. Then "Talia Wayne" responded with this little gem.

5. Not much beats a budget beauty brand that delivers on quality AND good business ethics. Thanks to “Lizzie” for digging up this info on Colour Pop.


I switched over my skin care for the winter a while ago (gotta get ready for that -40F!), but I'm just now changing my hair care routine. (My bleached ends have started to look dull and hay-like.)

So now I'm using Alba Botanica Real Repair Cocoa Butter Hawaiian Conditioner--it’s rich, smells like frosting, and leaves my ends feeling like silk. I’m hooked!

  • Are you stoked to vote? Or do you stay out of politics?
  • How do you change your hair care routine for winter?
  • If you have pictures from last night/today of your Halloween costume, then you BETTER show them below!