This New App Wants To Rate Your Beauty... Plus, COTW!

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November 8, 2014
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This week, whilst crawling around the web looking at beauty stories, I happened upon this little gem of an app: AnaFace. Using the Golden Ratio, the app tells you if you’re an uggo or not. I can’t resist a computer judging my face for free, obviously, so I found out if my face is proportionate enough to make me a 7/10.

While the entire premise is extremely flawed--because "proportionate" is super objective and does not equate to "beautiful"--it was kind of fun to see how my face stacked up, mathematically.

Now dears, it’s time for Comments of the Week!

1. On Alyssa’s “lash tubing” story, “Louise” offered up a dupe, which I always love!

“They do make your lashes look way long, but that price is cray. I swear I've gotten the same results with L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara, the one in the gold tube. That stuff is insanely awesome." --"Louise"

2. I seriously loved hearing everyone’s cute stories of their carefree youth in the comments of Hannah's post on products that smell like Nag Champa incense.

“My high school boyfriend always smelled like Nag Champa (he was easily the best-smelling person I've ever dated, despite/because of being a major hippie). Whenever I go into a store that smells like it, I get mega-nostalgic for the days when we'd cavort around in fields together and make out in his grandparents' basement (romantic!). Basically, I need all these products so I can re-live young love!.” --"Mara"

3. Everyone go Google the thing "Anne Marie" left in the comments of Calle’s article about the beauty-happiness connection. Seriously, do it!

“Sometimes I see squirrels eating pizza.” --"Anne Marie"

4. “Meghan” shared a rad tip for tricky lining on Rachel's post about waterlining with bold colors.

“In my personal experience waterlining works best when you set the liner with a matching powder shadow. I use a flat, small, synthetic brush and carefully pat it on top.” --"Meghan"

5. Both Alle and Sable wrote about big hair changes this week. And it was so cool to hear how they inspired readers to switch up their own looks. Good luck “Ms Polythene Pam”!

“Sable, I'm just saying you are going to be spiritually walking me to the hairdresser's in a couple weeks for my big chop. Between your hair posts and Alle's "for god's sake let go of your beauty crutches" I AM READY FOR IT..” --"Ms Polythene Pam"

I have to share my new ultimate favorite beauty balm of all time: In Fiore Fleur Vibrante Healing Floral Essence Face Balm. It came to me in a care package from Victoria (because we’re just that precious that we mail each other treats). I actually thought it was solid perfume at first--it has the most juicy, heady scent--but once I started putting it on my face where it belonged, it gave me such a lovely, dewy glow. I don't think I'll be able to go back to just coconut oil.

  • What's your take on this app to measure beauty? Hogwash, amiright?
  • Can we talk for a second about Zoe and Mari's killer GIF posts? More GIFs, right?
  • I’m sure you noticed my shameless cat photo: Nipsey likes to shatter my shadow palettes by casually swiping them off tabletops. Share a photo of your jerk cat or what they’ve destroyed recently. And let me know how you keep them OFF your makeup counter!