A Lesson For Industrious Women Everywhere, Plus COTW!

Tomorrow is International Women's Day, so here's a little nugget from Poppy King.
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March 7, 2015
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I'm a bad feminist. I didn't even know tomorrow is International Women's Day until I started searching the Web for topics to talk about in today's COTW. (Trista is on vacay, btw.)

Then I went over to my bookshelf and started scanning titles until my hand decided to reach for one: Lessons Of A Lipstick Queen, by Poppy King, who I met once and really liked. The book is a blueprint for turning your life's passion into a job. Poppy started her lipstick empire at 18; she's a #boss in matte red lipstick and people like to compare her to Don Draper.

Here's my favorite passage from her book.

"It is true that money can't buy happiness, but happiness can very often make money."

And that my friends is my hope for all womankind. In 2015 the world is not yet our oyster, but I believe that if we follow our passions we will be, as Poppy is, unstoppable.

OK, now I'll give you what you came for.

Here Are Your Comments Of The Week!

1. "EmilyBemily" gave us a DIY spray toner recipe in the comments of Taylor's story on cleansing jellies. I love this SO MUCH.

"Basically I just mix distilled water, a few drops of tea tree oil, and a drop or two of rosehip oil and put them in an old UD All Nighter spray bottle"--EmilyBemily

2. "Kelspants," girl, you are a genius for coming up with this cheap hack for the $32 makeup cleansing brush mat that Kate wrote about.

"Tide has this cap with little nodules on it that I think I will repurpose."--Kelspants

3. "Mailbtch," I love this tip like xo!

"The other day I added raw honey to my Aztec Secret Mask and I was SO pleased with the results. It's kinda messy, but it's very moisturizing."--Mailbtch

4. "eastofthesun," thank you for your sweet comment in O.T., but this would have made COTW regardless because it is literally epic.

"I keep a spreadsheet in my Google docs that lists my daily products (see [here], although this isn't the full spreadsheet). It includes what it is, size in ounces, cost, an estimate of how much I use daily, how many days and months it lasts. If anyone is interested, there's a tag that has gone around called 'how much does your face cost?' and you can read up about lots of people here: http://www.reddit.com/r/Makeup..."--eastofthesun

5. Finally, picking a favorite from the Secret Single Behavior O.T. was just TOO hard. You guys are so wonderfully real. "Claudia," I'm giving it to you!

"My SSB: I straight up masturbate a lot, I record myself singing (I even have a file on my computer omg), I try shaving things (I shaved the hair around my belly button once when I was fourteen), I analyze my stance in the mirror (to see whether or not I should pull my shoulder blades back when I walk, whether or not I should pop my hip out when I'm standing, etc.), I try multiple bras on and then pull on tight fitting T-shirts to see how I would look with DD boobs, I pick at dry lips, sometimes I'll put on my one and only cocktail dress and get myself really done up and then take 30+ selfies before I cuddle up in bed and peruse the Internet. Once I gave myself a self-tanner tattoo of a happy face on my right butt cheek; the worst part is I didn't even tell anyone. And that's all you're getting. My poor boyfriend."--Claudia

Sorry COTW was late today! I woke up late and made my favorite breakfast (oatmeal with homemade blueberry compote--yay for lazy Saturdays!).

  • What are you thinking about today?
  • Whether you're in the workforce or not, is the thing that you're doing with your life something that you love?
  • What's your hope for womankind?