This Week's Beauty News Is Full of Feels

Overcoming tragic injuries, bonding with parents, makeup-free confidence — is someone chopping onions?
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June 29, 2016
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It's much too beautiful outside today to spend it all indoors, so the moment I'm done taking you all through this week's beauty news, I'm going hiking. I'm not really much of a hiker — or an outdoorsy person at all — but I live twenty minutes away from the Delaware Water Gap, and I've been trying to be more appreciative of it. You should Google image-search the Water Gap because it's very pretty (or just follow along on my Instagram!).

My go-to t-shirt and attitude for hiking.

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So if you'll excuse me, I gotta put on some sunscreen and a hat (gotta protect my newly-exposed scalp!) and go get that lovely glow that can only be achieved by sweating your ass off on the side of a mountain.

Enjoy this week's beauty news, and hopefully some sun later as well!

A dermatologist helped a slashing victim make a beautiful recovery

24-year-old New Yorker Amanda Morris was on her way to work in Chelsea one day when a stranger ran up to her and slashed one side of her face. She ended up at the hospital, where she received stitches for the inch-long wounds by her mouth and nose.

When New York dermatologist Dhaval Bhanusali, MD, heard about the incident, he offered to help Morris heal her scars with cutting-edge technology.

A few of the treatments that Morris received: nose recontouring, kenalog injections, and various laser treatments. Six months later, her scars have visibly improved, and Morris is feeling more capable of moving on.

As she told NewBeauty: "I was ready to accept that I would possibly live with a reminder of a difficult time in my life on my face forever, but thanks to amazing advancements in skin care, you do have other options. I am so fortunate to have met Dr. Bhanusali and feel very happy."

Hooray for happy endings!

A paralyzed beauty blogger shared how she struggled with makeup after a car accident

Everyone knows that if you put a video on YouTube, you're bound to get some ignorant or even hateful comments (I've received my share). Hopefully, this video by Jordan Bone will help remind people to be more thoughtful when commenting on people's appearances or disabilities.

She often gets questions about her hands, which were paralyzed after a car accident, so she explains in this video how she overcame her struggle to apply makeup after the accident:

How inspiring is that? She does a better job with her makeup than most people who have full use of their hands.

These father/son glamour shots are going viral

Did you see the photos of 16-year-old Spencer Claus and his dad wearing identical makeup looks? They've been making the rounds of the Internet lately, and Claus spoke to Mic about the reason behind the photos.

Apparently, it all started with Claus gifting his mom with a makeover for Mother's Day (his mom killed it in that lipstick). Then he did the same with his dad for a joke on Father's Day and BAM — it went viral. His father's good-humored support of his son's interests made quite an impression on the internet.

I'll let Claus take it away in his own words: "If I could teach people one thing from these images or from my work it would be this: Parents, embracing your kid is so much easier than trying to change them. Whatever endeavors I choose, [my parents] support me whole-heartedly. Makeup was just another one of those things! So, teens, live your life; parents, help them do it. It could end up being really fun."

Alicia Keys continues her no-makeup crusade at the BET Awards

Remember when I posted about Alicia Keys' essay for Lenny regarding her decision to ditch makeup? Well she's proving that she really meant it by showing up to the BET Awards red carpet with what looks to be a makeup-free face.

Stepping out... 😍 #BETAwards #InCommon

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I admit to analyzing some of the red carpet photos, and while she doesn't appear to be wearing a stitch of lipstick or eye makeup, it's not so easy to say if she's wearing anything on her skin. It doesn't really matter except that I'm curious to know if it's genuinely no makeup or just a very minimal "no-makeup makeup" look. (If that really is her bare skin though, good Lord I'm jealous.)

Anyway, I think the real takeaway here is how admirable it is to see Keys stick to her guns and commit to something that's clearly very important to her.

  • Have you ever struggled with your beauty routine after an injury?
  • Do you think you could get your dad to try your makeup look? I don't think my dad would like getting lipstick all over his mustache.
  • What do you think about Alicia Keys' no-makeup movement?