The '100 Years of Beauty' Video You Didn't Know You've Been Waiting For Is In This Weekend's News

Plus, we get to see more of the MAC Selena collection, and band merch is starting to appeal to beauty fanatics.

Happy Sunday, xoFriends! I just got home from what felt like a momentous journey driving around to many Minneapolis-area Walgreenses in search of a certain drugstore brand's highlighters. I like the thrill of the hunt, even if I come up empty-handed — which I did, of course. Oh well. I'll survive with the 15 other highlighters I already own, I guess.

After teasing just a lipstick last month, MAC has revealed more of the Selena collection

One thing I won't survive without, though, is MAC's forthcoming Selena collection. I loved Selena's music as a child, playing her cassette tapes over and over, and I'm really excited for this collaboration. I think MAC does waaaaay too many collabs — we've seen them collaborate with dogs, Trolls, and even the Brant Brothers, among many, many other things — however, this collab is gonna be amazing and I'm going to reserve practically all of it at my MAC store.

MAC finally gave us a little more of a sneak peek of the Selena collection, due in October. They worked with Selena's sister Suzette to create a small assortment of products based on things Selena actually wore and loved, and every product is named after Selena's songs. It feels a lot more thoughtful than the Marilyn Monroe collection, which I obviously bought almost all of but couldn't really connect with Marilyn.

I'm pumped for this launch, but my good friend Maritza is even more thrilled. I asked her what she thought, considering Selena meant a lot to her as a child.

"Selena was my first Latina idol," she told me. "When I saw Selena, I saw a bit of myself in a celebrity, but it wasn't until I was 11. Finally, here was a powerful, beautiful, talented female idol, and she was Mexican-American, just like me. She embraced her curves and her heritage and gave me someone to look up to. I can't even describe how powerful that was for me at the time."

Lipstick is the new concert tee

Speaking of Maritza, she and her husband introduced me to the girl group Tacocat, one of their favorite Seattle bands. Tacocat just played here in the Twin Cities, and Maritza picked up some surprising band merch: a lipstick!

When you go to a Tacocat show, instead of buying an American Apparel tee emblazoned with their logo, you can get a green lipstick, which is so much cooler and an awesome way to brand yourself and connect with your fans.

Every time they put on the lippie, they think of your music! I wish Garth Brooks had done that; his tour merch left a lot to be desired. Think about it! Rodeo Red? Trisha Yearwood Teal? The Thunder Rolls Gray?

"Bubble" eyeliner makes me feel like I'm back in junior high

Do you remember the first time you were allowed to wear eyeliner? I do. My mom bought me a Clinique brown liquid liner, as I'd requested, and man did I mess that shit up for months. However, I was so proud of my new grown-up makeup that I didn't even care if my lines were a little wonky.

"Bubble eyeliner" gives me serious flashbacks to those days. I hate it. Beauty blogger Jenny Gonzalez is credited with this eyeliner trend, and now it's a whole big "thing" on Instagram. I guess it's perfect for those days that you want to mix it up and try something new with your liner, and to be honest, I could use a break from the cat-eye look.

Jenny uses the cap of a liner pencil to create the "bubble" shape. It's kind of hypnotizing to watch her do it, though I can't see myself ever trying it at home.

Bubble eyeliner isn't quite as horrifying as the bubble nails of yore, and it's not as funny as bubble masks, either. If you want an undone, less cookie-cutter eyeliner look, isn't the one Sable just showed off way cooler?

Is mascara a bunch of crap?

Mascara would be my desert island product if I didn't have lash extensions, for sure. However, Dayna Evans at the The Cut started thinking that maybe those little spoolies full of pigment were a marketing trick and didn't actually do anything for your look.

"I've quietly believed for many years that mascara is bullshit, and I refuse to accept that I am alone in this thinking," she writes. Dayna wants to know just who decided women were required to darken and lengthen their lashes.

She did a deep-dive into the world of mascara, trying out a ton of expensive brands and drugstore staples to find out which ones actually lived up to what they promised. Did mascara let her down? Are those claims legit? Will your lashes, upon application of this little tube of wonder, actually be Voluminous Kitten Stilletto Fat Blackest Black Dramatic?

I can't say I miss the clumps of black on all my washcloths, but as someone with naturally light lashes, I couldn't just give up on mascara forever. And, it turns out, neither can Dayna.

Kittens have always been beautiful

It's the weekend. We all need an adorable little treat that won't use up too much of the brain power we'll need on Monday, which is why I'm including this video from Mashable.

I love and will watch nearly any "100 Years of [Whatever]" video the Internet shows me, from 100 Years of Wedding Dresses to 100 Years of Kenyan Beauty, WatchCut's latest installation. However, I think Mashable's spoof, 100 Years of Kitten Beauty, is pretty darn perfect.

Yes, it's smart-assy, but look at that little bitty kitty! Kitten beauty trends have really changed a lot, haven't they? I can't believe what kittens looked like in 1960! Who thought that was a good look?

Which band's lipstick would you line up to buy?

What's your favorite mascara, and could you live without it?

Are you totally over these random Instagram beauty trends?

Which kitten beauty era is your favorite? I'm partial to 1920.