My 10 Favorite xoVideos Of 2014

It's video time!

As the year comes to a close, I've been in a retrospective mood. Today I'm kicking it back to my 10 favorite xoVideos of 2014. I hope you guys found them as fun and useful as they were rewarding (and sometimes hard) to make.

10. How Can I Handle Rude Comments About My Makeup?

I was really proud of this one, and not just because you guys made so many GIFs out of it.

This was, at the time, the most ambitious video I had ever attempted. Rather than shoot everything in one long stream, I broke it up into individual scenes, which is something I still do today.

9. How The Hell Do I Use Lipliner?

Though I didn’t invent Goofus and Gallant, using these two characters to illustrate the right and wrong ways to do stuff has become one of my things. I always like when people tweet me to tell me that they didn't do something because it was "A total Goofus move."

8. How Do You Handle Being Unconventionally Attractive In A World That Values Conventional Beauty?

I wasn't sure I wanted to make this video or answer this question, but I'm glad that I did. Sharing my insecurities is always nerve-wracking, but it started an amazing conversation. I'm proud to work for a site that values these sorts of dialogues.

7. You Asked...So I Asked My Mother!

Oh, hey, it's my mum! Thanks for being up for this, mama!

This video almost didn't happen--I had pneumonia and and nearly forgot to shoot this. Blessedly, I was able to scramble to get it done!

6. Recreating Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space' Look.

I mean, duh: 1989 is perfect, Tay Tay is perfect (or is it Becky?) and this video is my favorite forever.

I'm mostly including this for my many and varied Harry Styles jokes, but also for OLIVER and KISSES. Best little costar ever!

5. How The Heck Do I Blend My Eye Shadow?

I made this video by popular request, or perhaps I mean demand. I don't mean that in a bad way; I like it when you tell me what you want to see more of!

4. How Do You Take Off Your Makeup Gently But Thoroughly?

The shower shark is back!

Since many of you have asked: I had a bowl of water in front of me in which to wash my face, which splashed EVERYWHERE, including on my laptop which was sitting next to me. Definitely worth it.

3. Fixing Your Makeup After Day-Drinking

Any day I can get drunk for work is a good day.

I love this video, and not just because I sing to my hair. I think it’s funny, the advice is solid, and you get to see what my IRL sense of humor is like (a little darker than you’d maybe expect).

2. 5 Secrets To Being Totally Photogenic

Featuring really good hair, Janice Dickinson advice, and Chris Pine shirtless.

This is, I think, the most popular video I’ve ever made. And why not? It features really good hair, Janice Dickinson advice, and Chris Pine shirtless. It was even reposted on Salon, which was cool but weird. I was scrolling down and then there was my face.

1. Kontouring With Kalle Kardashian

Was there any doubt that this video would be #1? Get to know the secret Kardashian sister, who may or may not be a pyromaniac, as she shares her secrets for kontouring and living a #blessed life.

I'm proud of the makeup here, the editing (voice overs are really annoying) and my wig game. And I’m really pleased that I not only managed to do a silly voice for four straight minutes, but that I also hid my accent. I really love Kalle, so perhaps she’ll make some more videos in 2015.

  • What's been your favorite Alle video of this year?
  • Have any funny GIFs you'd like to share?
  • Had any shower shark run-ins lately?