Revlon's Five New Mascaras Offer Five Unique Formulas — Here's How They Stack Up

No mascara can be released without first going through me. Those are just the rules.
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February 18, 2016
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Mascara is one of those products that can really pull you together in a time of need. A shock of big black lashes offset against the whites of your eyes can open them up, make you look more awake, and give the illusion that you did your makeup, even if you just rolled out of a cab after waking up on your friend's carpet still smelling like Jäger — I'm not speaking from experience, I'm just trying to paint a picture.

I've put in work telling you guys which mascaras are the best, for whatever your desired effect may be, at every price point. I have been called The Leading Mascara Journalist of Our Time (by approximately one person.)

You could probably say it's my life's work and no mascara can be released without first going through me. Those are just the rules.

Honestly, I don't know why it took me so long to get my life together and try Revlon's new mascara collection. It was rolled out last month and is made up of five different mascaras that promise five different results. I was running through the drugstore a week ago, saw them, and was like "oh, I should have already written about those..."

So, here we are.

The cool thing about this collection is that they're not just five different brushes sitting in tubes that house the same product, the mascara itself — the black tar shit you're combing through your lashes — is different as well. I made sure to confirm that with the Revlon girls and yes, each of these is a different mascara altogether.

For starters, here are my naked lashes:

Let's jump right into it.

Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara

"For bold, clump-free lashes that entice."

The Brush: Tiny, close set rubber teeth.

The Lashes: Define the lashes it does. The mascara is very light and smooth, and the plus here is that it glides through the lashes and does a great job of coating each individual lash without building up on itself with multiple passes. You can work on getting product on each and every one of your ashes without weighing down the ones you've already coated.

With defining comes lengthening, and the brush does a great job of grabbing even the inner baby lashes and defining and lengthening them, making your entire lash line look bigger and fuller. My only gripe with this one is that either the brush or the mascara seemed to weigh down the very tips of a few of my lashes and kink them out to the side, which I couldn't fix with a brush or a spoolie. That doesn't usually happen and it didn't occur with any of the other mascaras in the bunch.

This one gets a 3.5 out of 5 (because I just decided that I'm going to rate them).

Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara

"For massive, volumized lashes like never before!"

The Brush: Dense, grooved bristles.

The Lashes: Everyone looks for something different in mascaras with most people focusing on length. I'm good on the length. What I want volume. I want as much volume as possible and I will stop at nothing until I get it so I thought this was going to be the one. The promise of volume plus the hot pink cap? I thought this one was gonna be all me.

I was wrong. It's not bad, really, but would you call that volume? I wouldn't. The plus side is that it doesn't add any extra length. A good volumizing mascara does exist in the drugstore, but unfortunately it doesn't exist in this tube.

Final Verdict: 2/5, nah.

Revlon Super Length Mascara

"For long, lush lashes you'll fall in love with."

The Brush: Tapered bristles allow you to grab and lengthen your lashes from the inner eye outward.

The Lashes: Plot twist: This turned out to be one of my favorites!

I wasn't all that revved about trying the lengthening mascara because there are just sooo many that promise to lengthen your lashes. I'm bored!

I feel like the downfall of a lot of lengthening mascaras is that the formula is very wet and clingy, and when I'm done applying two coats, my lashes are so damn long that it seems like there's extra product hanging off the tips of my lashes for dear life. It just doesn't look, I hesitate to use the word "natural" because, look at me, but it just looks odd.

Sure, that's one way to get a lengthening effect, but it also leads to your lashes clinging to each other looking spidery (which I guess is in now? idk) and always leaves me feeling like I'm on my Tammy Faye shit. I KNOW she is a mascara icon and we would be nowhere without her but it's just not what I strive for.

Anyway, this adds length without adding almost any volume at all, so you're left with long, skinny lashes that lay nicely next to each other without sticking together. They're full, beautiful, and fluttery, without making it look like you just painted your lashes on. For a guy who doesn't love products like this, this is a product that I love.

Final Verdict: 4/5

Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara

"The ultimate mascara for 5 Lash Transforming Benefits."

The Brush: Smallest of the bunch, rubber, oval-shaped, hollow in the center so it can deliver the most product to each lash.

The Lashes: It does do a killer job of grabbing the smallest lashes closest to your tear duct, as well as the lashes on the outer edge of your lash line, getting under them at the root, and flinging them out. It provides great length, and a lot of volume.

I was stoked when I yanked this brush out of the tube because tiny rubber brushes can be great for getting in, coating, and defining each and every lash. This brush is the most unique of the five and I had really high hopes for it.

The hollow core in the middle of the brush is both a blessing and a curse here, depending on how you like your lashes. It certainly does deposit the most mascara onto your lashes as your combing it though, at times, I thought it was too much. The rest of the collection does such a good job of giving you just enough to do the job, leaving you with beautiful, fluttery lashes, and this one definitely hits you with more. Maybe that's not even a bad thing, because when all is said and done, my lashes up above look pretty great, maybe it's just the outlier.

Out of the five, this one was the only time that I felt like I might end up with too much mascara on my lashes before I was done combing and shaping them. But it did bring the drama. And I love drama.

Final Verdict: 4/5

Revlon Volume + Length Magnified Mascara

"For mega volume and length that attract from a far!"

The Brush: Square-shaped brush, dense bristles, domed tip.The Lashes: Volume + Length, I'LL SAY.

So my lashes finally decided to join the party, fashionably late, but they're here and we should all be thankful. This is my favorite mascara of the five, if you hadn't gathered already. Like the others, it lengthens and pumps up your lashes without adding weight or leaving unnecessary product clinging to your lashes, only to come of on your under eye before it has dried.

I look at a ton of "after" pictures of places that do eyelash extensions (obviously), and the second photo above is the closest you're going to get to extensions in a tube. I say this because the lashes have been coated black, drastically lengthened, and beefed up, but are still defined from the root to the tip. No, they don't look exactly like a fresh set of extensions, but they're also not clinging to each other at the base of the lash line only to fan out at the end, like you see with many other mascaras. Just big, fanned out, and fluttery. They're gorgeous.

Volume + Length Magnified is a total hit, a really beautiful way to get killer lashes that turn heads with out raising eyebrows. All of these mascaras are great options that bring something different to the table, but

Final Verdict: I have to give this last one a solid 5/5 (!!!)

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