NEW MAKEUP MONDAY: I Loathe Body Lotion, but I LOVE Rodin Crema!

Body lotion isn't actually makeup, but that's my title and I'm sticking to it. Plus, splitting the bill on dates: Are we doing this now?
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March 19, 2012
body lotion, split the bill, date deal-breakers

My friend Fran

spent Sunday with a dude who's been after her for weeks now. They went to the Upper West Side, land of coupled-up, date-going people, to have lunch at his favorite Cuban restaurant. He overordered, naturally, insisting that she try everything, and Fran nibbled and picked -- you know how date eating goes. Then the bill arrived, and the guy didn't so much as reach for his wallet.

"What do you want to do--?" she asked. "Shall we split this?"

"Yeah, let's split it," he said.

Maybe he's not that into her, you're thinking. Not so. Everyone knows the best way to win someone over is to

hit on the wingman

. So this past Friday Bill-Splitter did just that, buying me drink after drink, all the while telling me how beautiful Fran is and how much he wants to be with her.

"He's taking the piss!" Fran said when I told her this.

Call me old school, but I agree. Not only had Bill-Splitter chosen the restaurant, but he ordered half the menu without even asking Fran what she wanted. Needless to say she probably won't go out with him again.

She's a boomting

with plenty of other options anyway.

Enough about Bill-Splitter for now; it's Monday so let's talk new makeup. Specifically body lotion, which isn't actually makeup at all. Whenever friends stay at my apartment, they ask for body lotion after showering, and even as a beauty writer, I never keep the stuff in the house. I wear very tight pants, and while you'd think that lubing up before getting dressed would help them slide on more easily, it actually just makes them stick to my body. The whole process is very uncomfortable.

Last week however,

the girls from Project MM

put me on to a game-changer --

Rodin Crema.

It's super rich and firm in texture, not at all greasy, which I love, but the best part is the scent.

Rodin Crema features a mix of "essential oils," jasmine and neroli that envelopes the body in a blanket of


. At $80 a pop, Crema smells every bit as expensive as it is, but a little bit goes a long way. This is the only lotion that makes me want to moisturize, you guys.

Now, back to bill-splitting. Have you ever gone halvsies on a date? Does going dutch dry you up down there? Madeline and Olivia were mortified to hear that Rodin Crema is my first foray into body moisturizer. Would you ever skip this beauty step? What's your favorite moisturizer? Tell me!

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