New Makeup Monday: 4 Unconnected Products I Used the Hell Out of This Weekend

While the weekend isn't a good time for personal hygiene, it's a great time for experimenting with new makeup looks.
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August 13, 2012
makeup, Urban Decay, Stila, Revlon

I've kind of stopped showering on the weekends. After all, I'm usually just kicking it in the neighborhood and the only people who care what I look like are the weird dudes who catcall me while I'm with my freaking kid.

One guy tried to involve him in the process the other day, like: "You've got a real beautiful mommy, don't you?" UGH, NO! This baby is not a creeper like you.

Luckily my greasy topknot (I overdid it on the coconut oil and couldn't get it to wash out) and the FUPA-skimming maxi dress I probably slept in before wearing it out all day do a pretty good job of deflecting that kind of attention. And while the weekend isn't a good time for personal hygiene, it's a great time for experimenting with new makeup looks.

So here are the 4 products I got into between pancakes this weekend:


These days I'm pretty much about a stripe of liquid eyeliner and a bold lip, but when I do wear eye shadow I use Urban Decay's shimmery, pigmented shades, like the ones in the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, a follow-up to equally awesome Naked Palette. It has 12 shades of ranging from taupe to "greige" (love the UD website for introducing me to that word!) and one true dark brown and dark black. My only beef is that "Sin," my favorite Urban Decay shade was dropped from the second palette -- it's like an almost-reflective pinky-white.


I bought this initially because I thought the felt tip would help with the cat-eye liner I've been experimenting with lately, and it did. But what I really ended up loving about it was the "stay all day" and "waterproof" parts. They are dead serious about that. I had one of those incidents where your contact lens gets ripped in two and you have to root around under your eyelid looking for the other half while wearing this liner, and when I was done, my eyeliner had not budged.

My subtle cat eye attempt


I saw this blush in a magazine and spent like a week obsessing over its cheery fuchsia shade but not finding it in any drugstore I passed. I couldn't stop thinking about it. It was getting to be kind of weird, like the blush was my Moby Dick or whatever. Anyway, I found it finally and I'm wearing it in the above picture. It's not quite as bright as I'd hoped, but it apparently has some kind of magical glowifying properties -- "Photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light" says the website. PHOTOCHROMATIC.


This isn't actually makeup, I guess. It's a bath oil that smells like soothing lavender, which is not actually a smell I particularly enjoy, but goddamn if it doesn't relax me anyway. You just pour a little into a still bath and let it "calm your mind" and "reduce skin redness and sensitivity." It hasn't done anything funky to my vagina, either, and I'm pretty sensitive to that kind of thing. Dab a little between your shoulder blades or on your neck for ultra relaxation.

Did you shower this weekend? Have pancakes? Did anybody ever tag you in a Facebook photo that made you wish you were dead? That last one happened to me this weekend too.