My Favorites from the New Davines Collection Are About to Be Your Favorites Too

Davines' new Your Hair Assistant collection isn't rocket science, but it is phenomenal.
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July 22, 2016
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My self-esteem is directly related to my hair. When my hair looks good, I feel good. I know what you’re thinking: “Wow, he’s so shallow.”

You’re right.

This week, I texted my stylist discreetly, begging him to rearrange his already packed schedule and extend my appointment next week by an hour so he can rebleach me. It’s about that time, though a bit sooner than usual. Normally, I don’t mind a good bit of outgrowth, but on top of my roots there’s a good bit of discoloration from my rushed, manic rebleaching a few months back. When I wear my hair back, which is how I’m wearing it these days, it’s all I see, and it’s driving me crazy.

On the other side of this coin, it always seems that as soon as my hair finally feels healthy again, a.k.a. it feels like actual hair, it’s time to bleach it again. I mask my hair frequently, and never blow-dry it without a leave-in and a hair oil to strengthen, smooth, and protect. But it always takes a while for my hair to get its strength and bounce back, which is coincidentally the exact time I decide to fry it.

A bonus of my hair feeling more healthy is that I’m not afraid to mess with it a little more. When it’s freshly bleached and colored, I leave it alone for as long as possible, both to retain its color and make sure I don’t further damage the brittle hair. Currently, I wash, blow dry, and style it a little more often because I’m not afraid it’s all going to snap off and leave me looking like Cynthia from Rugrats. Which brings me to what I’ve been using lately. Davines just released a new collection called Your Hair Assistant, a line of cleansing and styling products focused on styling.

I figured I’d cover some of my favorite pieces in the collection because I know so many people LOVE Davines. Every time I mention the brand, everyone I know both online and irl starts singing its praises.

Your Hair Assistant consists of seven products, all of which are bomb. I’m not going to cover the shampoo (it’s great) because I’m more concerned with conditioners, and I feel like it takes someone forever to find one they love, and when they do, they never leave it. I’m not going to cover the hairspray because I don’t use hairspray.

Prep Rich Balm

Davines really does it with their conditioners and masks; I’ll always recommend them to anyone who asks. This collection features two conditioners, one lighter option for fine hair, and a heavier option for shredded hair like mine.

It’s a thick conditioner that moisturizes dry strands, but doesn’t leave hair feeling heavy. Sometimes when I use a heavier conditioner or a mask, my hair feels tacky and doesn’t style the way it should for the next day or two. Prep Rich Balm brings it back to normal without overdoing it, which is perfect for a collection that focuses on styling.

Jojoba oil and almond butter moisturize and nourish brittle hair, and vitamin E helps strengthen and protect. I typically use conditioner (after shampoo, if I use shampoo that day) right when I get in the shower so it has time to sit while I do everything else. OR, if I really want to let it sink in, I’ll just dip my head in the shower, wring excess water out of the hair, comb conditioner through, and let it sit for half an hour while I do a face mask.

I use this as a daily (“daily”) conditioner or a mask. Though it doesn’t exactly take the place of my favorite masks, you can double it up and get more moisture out of one application just by leaving it in a little longer. It’s not rocket science. Rinse, and you’re good to style as usual.

Volume Creator

This product is really cool. It’s not exactly the first of its kind, but it takes a bunch of great aspects from other products and brings them together for something new that I’m wild about.

Volume Creator is a texturizing powder made from 50 percent bamboo powder and 50 percent coconut powder. It creates texture and volume without any grit and gives hair a matte finish. I even use it in place of a dry shampoo, which is not exactly its purpose, but it can knock out any oil and extend my style while making my hair look awesome.

As for the inspiration for the product, listen to this shit. The creator says:

“The inspiration for the product comes from my childhood. I remember a classmate of mine who used to work as a carpenter before and after school, and had wood dust residue in his hair: it created a matte, voluminous effect…[and] this is where the idea comes from."

This sounds like a lie, unless he was going to school with Jesus Christ, BUT I’ll take it because I love the product.

It never dries your hair out or causes tangling. I can run my hands through my hair without feeling like there’s anything in it. It still styles well the next day, which is important if you, like me, never wash your hair.

Volume Creator is best applied with the Volume Creator Brush, which is $55, but don’t yell at me, I didn’t price it. It distributes the product evenly and can be refilled as many times as you want.

Definition Mist

They call this one a "polish and separation" spray. I’m normally hesitant to use shine sprays because as they can sometimes be too much of a good thing. Spray for a second too long and your hair is weighed down and feels oily. There are a few that I like to use to amp up dimension when my hair is freshly colored, or to freshen things up when I go one day too many with dry shampoo, but there’s not one I love enough to use frequently.

In terms of texture and separation, the Definition Mist is like a lighter, shinier version of the Bumble & Bumble spray balm, which I love. It’s less sticky but still gives hair a bit of grip so you can mess it up, making it look tousled and undone. It hits strands with a nice shine without weighing them down or making them look wet or oily. It doesn’t leave any residue, either. There won’t be any oil on your hand after you brush your bangs out of your face. I also use this to soften hair or freshen it up after too many days of dry shampoo. I'll definitely be getting some use out of this after I rebleach next week and need to breathe some new life into my hair when I'm refusing to wash it.

Your Hair Assistant is available in salons now and is rolling out online later this summer.

What are your secrets to styling and keeping your hair looking amazing? What's your favorite mask? Tell me everything in the comments!

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