xoExclusive! Tynan Is The First To Review The NEST Fine Fragrances Collection

Today, in an xoJane EXCLUSIVE, I am introducing you to the NEST Fine Fragrances Collection.
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September 11, 2013
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Guys, I’m so excited. This is huge. Today, in an xoJane EXCLUSIVE, I am introducing you to the NEST Fine Fragrances Collection. I am lucky enough to be the very first person to see, er, smell these new fragrances, and xoJane is the very first place to give you all the details on the entire collection. Can you handle it?! It’s almost like I’m an actual beauty writer or something!

Before I start, let me once again make everything about me and reiterate how much I love fragrances. Fragrances are my favorite kind of beauty product because they really do hold some sort of weird, mystical power because of how closely our sense of smell is linked to our memory. We’ve all had that moment where we smell something or someone and are instantly reminded of grade school or your grandmother’s house or a summer with an ex boyfriend. You’re not going to get that sort of baggage from a cleanser!

And, they help you leave your mark. I think everyone should have a signature scent that they always go back to, something that they really love. I have mine, and I hope all of my exes quake in fear if they ever get a whiff of it off of somebody else.

Sadly, this article is not about my dating history, but about this new line of fragrances that you guys need, need, need to check out.

When it comes to fragrances, I try to avoid florals. The NEST collection is described as five distinctive floral fragrances, so…awesome. I wasn’t worried though. NEST started out as a candle collection that grew into liquid soaps and personal care, and has always been known for beautiful scents made up of both classic fragrances and ones that are a little left of center (Wasabi Pear, anyone?)

So let’s dish on these perfumes.

Amazon Lily

Lilies are combined with Brazilian lime and tangerine over a base of driftwood and white musk.

So impressed.

For one, who doesn’t love the smell of lilies? Easter Sunday realness, Christ has risen, roll away the stone, etc. The lily is fresh and inviting without being heavy and almost musky, as lilies scents can sometimes be. The lime and tangerine notes are my favorite part because, even though pairing white florals with citrus isn't exactly groundbreaking, this wasn’t done just to liven up the florals. The citrus notes really smell like fresh citrus juice on your skin, rind and all. It’s not just the mere idea of citrus like you’ll find in other perfumes, used for the sole purpose of brightening up the scent and making it sweeter. The only way I can describe the citrus in this scent is “alive,” which probably means I should be a better writer. At its base, the driftwood and musk help to balance and stabilize the scent, pulling it all together and making it great for all day wear.

Dahlia & Vines

Initially, you’re met with a big fat bouquet of peony, rose, and daffodils, all tied together with garden vines, finished off with white amber and vanilla. This fragrance feels like a new twist on a classic scent. Dahlia & Vines is unabashedly floral, but the notes of garden vines are what set it apart. The grassy, green vines make the peony, rose, and daffodil notes a little bit fresher and more green, while being easier on the nose. The flowers sit atop a base of fresh, woody, white amber, and vanilla rounds it out with just a little bit of mellow sweetness.

Pause. I made the good people at NEST break down ambers for me, because it was one of the only notes that I really couldn’t explain, and it’s come up in the comments section before. NEST uses both white amber and black amber in their scents, and this is what they told me:

“Black amber gives warmth in the back of a fragrance and white amber gives freshness in the back of a fragrance. Black amber is generally more for warm notes like resin-derived labdanum, vanilla, and benzoin. White amber is more for fresh, woody/dry amber notes like ambroxan, palisandrol”

Makes more sense, yes? Where the chemists at!?

Midnight Fleur

Ooh, this is one of my favorites. It’s immediately warmer and less flowery than the rest of the line, and it’s super sensual.

Wood, patchouli, and black amber are blended with night blooming jasmine and vanilla. This fragrance is like having sex with the windows open on a humid night in late summer. It’s warm, dark, sweet, and mysterious. One of my favorite things about this Midnight Fleur in particular is that you can’t immediately distinguish any of the notes, but you want to move closer and keep smelling so you can try. The jasmine and woody notes work well together. Vanilla always compliments wood. The Patchouli doesn't overtake the scent. This whole fragrance just works together to be great. And for no reason at all, it reminds me of Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears. Do with that what you will.

Are we having fun yet?


If the NEST collection is the Spice Girls, Passiflora is Baby.

Passion flower, water hyacinth, and lily of the valley are met with an overdose of lush, green, rainforest-y notes at the base. Immediately the most feminine of the group, Passiflora is light and young. The pink and purple flowers are fresh and naturally sweet, making this fragrance easy and fun to wear. It is anchored at the bottom by wet, green notes that add freshness, dimension, and a little bit of maturity.

White Sandalwood

This one is the wildcard. White Indian and Australian sandalwood are blended with creamy almond, white musk, and exotic spices.

I love almond, hooray. All that sandalwood is clean and pointedly fresh. The almond cuts through the sandalwood to balance out the almost sterile freshness, adding almost a boozy sweetness. Think baby powder and amaretto. The spices at the end finally add a bit more depth and flavor. This fragrance is simple but not easy to figure out. I wore it yesterday and was sniffing myself all day, which isn’t all that abnormal for me, actually.

And we have to talk about the packaging. Normally I wouldn’t because I think everything is pretty and I’m easily impressed, but the NEST collection is beautiful. The boxes showcase the fragrance’s artwork on an almost rubberized (?) cardboard, with a black, high gloss logo right in the middle. The perfume’s flower is illustrated on the back of the bottle showing through -- then you turn it over and it has different, more subtle art on the back!

The NEST Fine Fragrance Collection is available in 1.7 Fl. Oz. Eau De Parfum Spray flacon for $65 and an Eau De Parfum roller ball for $25. All five fragrances are also available together in a coffret set for $38, and a hand cream set which also retails for $38. The collection is available now on Sephora.com and will be available in stores beginning September 30th.

Summary: The NEST Fine Fragrance Collection is motherfucking elegant.

What do you think, babies? Smell them, smell them all and tell me which one is your favorite! What are you wearing right now? Omg, I meant what FRAGRANCE are you wearing, not like, phone sex "What are you wearing."

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