NARS X ANDY WARHOL Is Everything I Hoped It Would Be

NARS didn’t just take the colors from some of Warhol’s most iconic works and make them into shades of eye shadow, they took it a step further and made his work the eye shadow.
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August 31, 2012
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Everyone stop what you’re doing immediately and take a seat. The biggest makeup collaboration of the year was unveiled this week and I’m completely and utterly obsessed with it. I mean, I know I’m obsessed with literally everything but this is just on another level.

Just a few short days ago, NARS revealed their Andy Warhol collection.

The only guy in all of history who was more interested in beauty than I am was my idol, Andy Warhol. From using makeup to cover up his skin condition, wearing wigs to change his appearance, and passing up social engagements to play around with beauty products, he made beauty part of his daily routine. “I had a lot of dates but I decided to stay home and dye my eyebrows,” he once said. GOD! So chic! So blasé! It only makes sense that a makeup company would want to bring Warhol into their world, I’m surprised it took this long.

I am a huge fan of pop art, and needless to say, Warhol was the embodiment of pop art. I not only love his work, but his career as a whole. The Factory, how he used the media, I could go on and on. So when I saw the news, my interest was piqued, to say the least.

There I was just minding my own business, and then the headlines started to surface. “Peep NARS’s gorgeous new Andy Warhol Makeup collection,” they said. “NARS and Andy Warhol Color Collection for Holiday 2012,” they told me. I was curious, but cautiously so. Makeup collaborations always sound exciting in theory, but once they come to fruition, they more often than not usually end up just being a few seasonally exclusive colors for eyes and lips. So I dug deeper.

You guys.

To ease you in, I’m going to just let it rock for a minute and allow these eye shadow palettes to speak for themselves.

These were the first images from the line that I saw, and when I laid eyes on them, my jaw dropped through the floor. NARS didn’t just take the colors from some of Warhol’s most iconic works and make them into shades of eye shadow, they took it a step further and made his work the eye shadow. His pieces have been emulated in many forms, but never like this. Both “Flowers 1964” and “Self Portrait 1966” have both taken on new life in eye shadow palettes, each coming in three shades mixing vibrant colors with a charcoal grey with a black spray over. Talk about completely changing the game.

Another one of my favorite parts of this brilliant collabo is the line of nail polishes. Would you LOOK at those colors? That PURPLE! I am constantly on the prowl for the perfect crème purple (not pastel, but a flat purple without an iridescent luster) and I think I’ve found it in “New York Dolls.” And can we just talk about that teal?! So perfect for the holiday season. The only one I wouldn’t recommend jumping on is the black. PRO TIP: You should never spend your hard-earned cash on a luxury brand black nail polish because the best one of all time is by Wet n Wild Fast Dry, it applies like a dream and dries in an instant, all for like, two dollars. But back to Warhol.

The Soft Touch Shadow Pencils are also worth a mention. They come in black, a white/silver, and the same beautiful purple and teal as the nail polishes. I love the shadow pencils because they let you decide how dramatic or understated you want your eyes to be. You can use them for all over color on your eyelid, or just a smoky lining around they eye. The purple and teal are must-haves sure to make your eyes pop, no matter what color eyes you have.

The collection will be released in two parts. The main collection, comprised of eye shadows, lip glosses and nail polishes, all in vibrant, very pop art shades, hits Sephora on October first. The second collection will launch November 1 on the NARS website and at NARS makeup counters. This line is filled with more edgy, feminine, almost ballerina shades. Pale pinks, hot pinks, and aluminums, most paired dramatic blacks for a definite pop.

Some of these exclusive items can only be snatched up when purchased in a set, but the sets themselves are works of art on their own. They’ve taken Warhol’s favorite muses like Edie Sedgwick, Candy Darling (HEY GALA! ANY RELATION? Also I love you) and Debbie Harry, and created sets around their look and style.

The Edie set has everything you need to recreate Edie Sedgwick’s iconic look including a Pure Matte Lipstick, a blush duo in Deep Throat and Amour, Edie Eye Shadow and of course, a Stylo liquid liner to get the dramatic eye that was a staple that Edie was never seen without.

God, I could talk about this line for hours, or anything Warhol related, for that matter. But there’s one more thing I want to spotlight! How much do you love “The Multiple” by NARS? I love them and I think they’re genius, mostly because I’m indecisive and hate carrying a ton of shit around with me. So one product you can grab and go and use all over your face? That’s dope. And I’m super excited because NARS chose to include a Multiple in their Warhol collection. The “Silver Factory Multiple” is an aluminum shade that can be used for color or as a highlighter. It pays homage to Warhol and his infamous Factory both through the name and the shade, since the Factory was wallpapered in aluminum foil.

The one downside to it is that it is only available in “The Silver Factory” set, which is going to run you $200. But you also get three brushes, a blush trio in Warhol exclusive shades, eyeliner, and a Pure Matte Lipstick. More bang for your buck, right? Right.

It’s worth noting that this is the first time that NARS has departed from their typical matte black/while logo packaging. These products will feature a chrome logo and a quote from Warhol on the mirror. They’re completely pulling out all the stops for this, and rightfully so. The sets also come in exclusive packaging including makeup bags adorned with Andy himself, Candy Darling, and a film canister with Edie’s face on the front. If that’s not perfection, I seriously do not know what is.

Oh, and just in case I haven’t embarrassed myself enough, here’s a picture from a few years back of me as Andy Warhol for Halloween. Hi, haters.

So, how excited are YOU for NARS X Warhol? What nail color has been eluding you? Why do I even ask these questions? The comment section from my last article just turned into a big roundtable discussion about everyone’s vaginas, which I LOVED. So tell me what’s on your mind, have at it.