Why Millennials Love Nail Art

I love that nail art hasn't been sexualized in the way that other beauty trends have been.
Publish date:
November 24, 2014
nail art, beauty trends, spring 2015, millennial

If the spring 2015 fashion shows were any indication, nail art is here to stay. The trend was everywhere, from negative space manicures at Delpozo to 3D designs at Betsey Johnson. Intrigued by nail art's endurance, I perused MTV Insights to read what millennial women had to say about the subject.

The gist was that nail art transcends the beauty standards women face on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter what you put on your nails, because it isn’t really for anyone but you.

For example, when I paint lego blocks on my nails, I do it for my own amusement, not to impress someone else, least of all a prospective partner.

I love that nail art hasn't been sexualized in the way that other beauty trends have been (bedroom eyes, anyone?). I’ve never seen a “sexy” nail art tutorial.

There’s also the bonus that nail art doesn’t require you to be a certain type of woman. I have frizzy, unmanageable hair, bags under my eyes, and my share of curves, but my nail art looks as fashionable as any model's. Nail art (and nail polish for that matter) is inclusive. It's for all of us.

And this applies to people who were born before 1980, too. My mom loves nail art. So I guess it's also a great bonding experience.

Another millennial noted that nail art allows us to be as creative and original as we want, whether we have the skills or not. For instance, I know that I’m a terrible artist, but I still love to be creative and I don’t necessarily have an easy outlet for that. Nail art allows me to indulge my artistic side.

  • Do you wear nail art often?
  • What do you love about it, and the way it makes you feel?
  • Have you ever seen a tutorial for sexy nail art?