I Got My First Pedicure And It Wasn't Nearly As Terrifying As I Expected

I plan on being confident about showing my feet this summer. Maybe I'll even show them on the internet... eventually.
Publish date:
May 22, 2014
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My feet freak me out. I mean, I love when other people wear super-cute sandals and have adorably painted toes and everything just looks so perfectly manicured... and then there are my feet.

I don’t know why, but I feel crazy-paranoid wearing sandals or peep-toe shoes. I tried to pinpoint it. How is it that random people’s feet don’t gross me out, while I’m over here making sure I always have socks on around my own boyfriend because I feel like my feet are ugly? Maybe it stems from my traumatizing experience of losing both my big toenails thanks to some ill-fitting vans and a busy weekend in retail (don’t worry, they’ve grown back since then).

This ridiculous internal debate was driving me crazy, I mean, all I wanted was to wear sandals in summer, and an irrational fear had been stopping me for years. I was sick of it, and I was finally ready to face my fear of showing my feet in public. I think.

But first, I had to get over my fear of getting a pedicure.

I decided to document the process of getting my first pedicure, and how it affected my foot confidence. So last week, I met up with my friend and photographer Jill at The Ten Spot in Toronto (if it looks familiar, that's because it's where Zoe got her Bumkini wax) and got to work!

The lovely staff greeted us and immediately offered complimentary water or tea along with letting me know who I would be working with during my appointment. On this occasion, I had the lovely Cherise to introduce me to the world of serious pampering.

A pedicure here runs about $50 for 45 minutes (or an hour+ if you’re me, a supergenius who wore closed-toe flats to a pedicure). You can expect a calming foot soak, foot massage, total foot cleanup and the precise application of the polish of your choice. I seriously had NO idea what to expect going into this, but Cherise definitely made me feel totally comfortable asking any questions I had. And I had many. (Thanks, Cherise!)

So here’s a tip for beginners: bring a pair of flip flops; they sell them in the boutique. If you forget, they can wrap your toes in saran with vaseline on the nails to protect your new polish, but don’t be a dingus! Bring a pair of open-toed shoes or flip flops. It’s nice out! (Kind of.) I’m obviously super-prepared in life and walked to my boyfriends in flats from the beauty bar right after and only managed to slightly ruin the polish on one toe! All was well in the world.

I’d also suggest wearing some pants or a skirt that WON’T get wet like I did. Skinny jeans don’t roll up so easily. I’M SO GRACEFUL AND PREPARED, YOU GUYS.

After you’ve successfully avoided this issue, your feet are soaked in a tub while you casually lounge and drink a variety of teas while reading the latest Fashion magazine, as one does. After a few minutes of that, you pop one foot out of the water at a time as cuticle softener is applied to each toe and continue to soak the other.

From here on out, Cherise worked her magic, cleaning up my little feet and making them presentable. I still use a pumice stone to work on my feet in the shower, and I was pleasantly surprised during my appointment when Cherise said my feet were crazy-soft. I was fearful she would think the opposite. Everyone’s their worst critic right?

A little FYI: They offer complimentary waxing for your little toes if they run into any hair during your pedicure! It felt crazy having someone pay so much attention to my feet after a lifetime of hiding them, but Cherise made me feel totally comfortable.

I shamelessly spent most of my time in awe of the transformation each step seemed to add to my new feet instead of reading the magazines lying around, which probably looked ridiculous to anyone stopping by. But hey, I was watching MAGIC happen as far as I’m concerned! I did, however, manage to spot my lovely friend (and upcoming interviewee) Jillian Mercado in the May issue of Fashion during my quick glances, though, which was a pretty awesome surprise.

Overall? I’m not going to lie: my feet are looking fiiiiine after my appointment with Cherise. I’ve chipped a little bit of my big toes so far on the ends, but that’s only because I shove them in heels every day; the polish has done a serious job standing up to my everyday routine of stomping around in them all the time.

I’m hardly embarrassed to pitter around my boyfriends apartment with bare feet anymore, which is nothing short of a miracle. I don’t know what it is, my feet just feel so much tidier than I could ever get them myself; everything is just so much more streamlined and buffed. It’s exactly what I always envied. I can’t wait to finally find a pair of cute sandals or open-toed boots (WHATEVER, I’M INTO THEM) to wear this summer.

All in all? I know a pedicure seems a bit pricey, and admittedly it was a factor in my hesitation to get one--I mean, $60 dollars? That’s a tube of Tom Ford! But damn, the amount of fear I don’t have anymore concerning my feet is worth the price of admission alone and then some.

I can definitely say I will be returning to The Ten Spot for more pedicures! Three cheers for facing fears.