I Am So Mad at My Nails Right Now, Plus COTW

Who else is struggling to grow out their nails?
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May 21, 2016
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I don't think the universe wants me to have long nails. For over a month, I had finally managed to get my nails to grow to a fairly impressive (for me) length — an achievement that I attribute to taking vitamin supplements. They were long enough to scratch people, poke myself in the eye, and force me to remove lotion and other beauty products from under my nails. In other words, everything was going great!

Then I ran out of vitamin D and was too broke to buy more immediately, so I went a few weeks without. Then, one day, while digging through the pile of high heels in my closet, one nail snapped in half (um, horizontally, not vertically — don't worry). I shrugged it off. What's one nail in the grand scheme of things?

Then a nail on my other hand broke for no reason at all a few days later. And later that week, an attempt to stop my insane dog from eating a bunch of baby birds resulted in my thumb nail cracking all the way down to the quick. Ouch.

At that point, I gave up. I cut all my nails short again and ponied up the money for vitamin D. Hopefully they'll be long again soon because I really miss being able to annoy everyone in the vicinity by loudly tapping my fingernails on every hard surface within reach.

Now it's time for Comments of the Week!

1. "Kelly Bee" shared a great mascara recommendation:

I have white eyelashes, but they're long, and I seriously love how they look coated in black mascara. If I'm drinking the Kool-Aid that Big Mascara has served us all, then consider me a red-mouthed sycophant. My current favorite mascara is the Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Escalater Mascara (whew, what a name!). Not only is there a dinosaur on the design of the tube, which is basically all I ever want in the design of ANYTHING, but the brush twists to focus on certain goals (length or volume, I usually opt for the latter). The stuff goes on black as my heart and doesn't flake or smudge. It's a tubing formula, so it only removes with warm water. If I could marry this stuff, I would.

2. There were SO MANY good eyeliner pencil recommendations in this comment section but this one from "Kept Cages" was pretty persuasive:

As someone in a humid climate with naturally teary eyeballs I recommend Revlon ColorStay. It's the ONLY ONE that does not run on me. Even UD does.

3. There were also so many hilarious, relatable stories about everyone's regrettable teenage beauty routines but "dearsister88" had me cracking up:

OH goodness. No foundation, green concealer dabbed on my pimples because i didn't understand you were supposed to put other concealer OVER it. Blue eyeliner. Lip Smackers. 2 friends. Neutrogena pimple cream.

4. I do the same distressed makeup thing as "audreyhorne":

distressed makeup is my favorite thing. i love putting on lipstick and taking most of it off so it looks like i've been wearing it for like two days. i know it's awful but that will never stop me.

  • Who wants to share their nail-growing trials and tribulations?
  • Does anyone have any good tips for growing nails and keeping them long?