The One Thing that Saved My Nails, Plus COTW!

Unexplained fatigue led me to the best nails of my life.
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February 13, 2016
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I've always had weak, brittle nails. I'm so envious of people who can have long, almond-shaped nails — that's my dream nail aesthetic, but my nails rarely manage to get past the white tip before breaking.

I've tried tons of different nail strengtheners in the past, mostly in the form of strengthening polish. They never really helped, though. Instead, the one thing that has helped my nails was just a happy accident: vitamin supplements.

I went to my doctor for fatigue a few months ago and after doing a blood test, it was discovered that my vitamin D levels were really low. This was in the middle of the summer, too.

She recommended that I take vitamin D supplements regularly, so now (with her OK) I take two to three of these tablets every day. With the addition of regular exercising and vitamin B12, I do think my energy and mood have improved somewhat.

I was pleasantly surprised, however, to realize that my nails were the best they'd been in years. That wasn't the reason why I started taking vitamins, but it's definitely a good reason to keep it up.

It makes sense, of course, but it was just a nice bonus that I wasn't expecting. Now my nails look so much healthier and rarely break. They're usually about the length pictured above. Sometimes I can even get them a little bit longer if I'm careful.

So if your nails just won't grow, consider upping your vitamin D intake. Apparently vitamin B12 can help as well (I take both). Just make sure to talk to your doctor about it first!

Now it's time for Comments of the Week!

1. I liked hearing from everyone about what red lipstick and other beauty products meant to them while growing up, especially this comment from "Otherjen":

I spent so much time in science departments where femininity was suspect that I'm only really starting to reclaim my childhood love of makeup in my late 30s. I finally worked up the guts to wear red lipstick last year, and it has been oddly transformative. It's now my favorite accessory. It reminds me of a character in one of the later books in Anne of Green Gables series, Leslie, who always had to wear something bright red (a ribbon, flower, sash) because it satisfied some craving in her personality. I always really identified with that idea.

2. "KatAGorically" knows how to get the most out of a rewards system:

I have two very close friends, and we all have an agreement. We each use each other's rewards numbers at different stores. One friend is a huge Sephora fan, so we all use her rewards numbers and she gets the benefits (including a MUFE gift set in Dec). Another friend loves Ulta, so she gets the perks there. As for me, I'm the only one of us who lives close enough to a Safeway gas station to make their points really go far, so they use my phone number when they pick up groceries.

3. If you're lazy about cleaning your face then "Jessy Mae" has some good advice for using micellar water:

I was going through cotton balls like crazy with this stuff too. I went to the dollar store and picked up some microfiber dish towels. Cut them up into squares and they work great! I have a lingerie washing bag hung up on the back of the bathroom door for dirty ones. When it is full, just zip the bag closed and wash in hot water with unscented detergent with the rest of my towels. I let the bag air dry then since I use fabric softener in the dryer and I don't want the extra stuff irritating my peepers. It is a great system and I use them for toner as well.

4. "Edith Spencer" has a good idea for organizing beauty samples:

Perfume samples I am very good about organizing because Nordstroms can be so darn generous. I have mine in a old cd holder, so I can see the little cards and then the teeny vials.

5. "Anna_Lytical" has me thinking that if I ever have a daughter, I'll have to take her to experience a Korean body scrub:

YES! I go to the Korean King Spa here in DFW and while it's the same price as what you got, it earns you free admission for the next time, so that's a value for me. That lady scrubs in places I didn't even know I had and I love it. Also I like to bring my sdaughter who is 5, because it's good for her to be around naked ladies not caring what their bodies look like. Heart eye emojis forever.

  • Do you take any supplements for beauty reasons?
  • What do you do for long, healthy nails?