Elevate Your Nail Art Game By Going To A Real Nail Artist

Sometimes you just have to leave things to a pro.
Publish date:
July 31, 2014
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We cover a fair share of nail art, and though we have Christina bringing us donut nails and Hannah giving us designs appropriate for the workplace, I can’t do any of that. And it’s not even because I have no skills. OK, it is partially because I have no skills, but mostly because I don’t have a steady hand.

I’m a lefty and I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand at 19, so any long-term, steady movement is outta the question. Unless I’m wearing a wrist brace, but who wants to do nails while wearing that?

So if I’m going to get nail art done, I call in a pro. (Think of it as the equivalent of taking in a photo of a haircut you want to your stylist.) My favorite nail artist is Spifster. I went to high school with Spifster back in Chicago, which is where she’s based. She started doing nail art shortly after she graduated and has been on a nail-life-changing movement ever since. The only time she’s able to do my nails is when she’s in New York City working at Vanity Projects, which only happens a few times a year, or if I’m home in Chicago.

Luckily, Spifster is in town this week, so I had to pay her a visit. Many of you know I come from a background in fashion, so I’ll forever be obsessed with anything associated with it. Recently, I’ve been drooling over Valentino’s Resort 2015 collection. I mean, have you seen it? Those colorful psychedelic stripes and cubes are enough to hypnotize just about anyone.

What makes me love the collection even more is that the brightly colored, printed looks are such a small portion of it--only 13 out of 83 looks. It’s almost as if they were mistakes that turned out great. And that’s what I wanted on my nails.

When it comes to art, make all the mistakes you want as it could lead to a masterpiece, but when we’re talking nail art, I need it to be on point. Going to a professional is expensive (nail art manicures at Vanity Projects start at $50), but sometimes you just have to let someone else take control.

Do you leave your nail art to a professional? What kind of designs inspire you? I want to see nail pictures!