This UV Nail Polish Said The Smartest Thing I've Heard All Day

Sometimes wisdom comes in unexpected forms. Also, don't expect much from UV nail polish when it's overcast.
Publish date:
August 22, 2013
nail polishes, neon, color changing, UV, yellow nails

I made an impulse buy at the nail supply shop a couple of weeks ago. I'm trying to put it out there in the universe that this stuff is "mood polish," but in reality it just changes color in the sunlight. Also the hang tag really spoke to me.

We took our laptops in Jane's office and I gave Emily and Olivia manicures. Because I remember her mentioning in a phone post recently that she was delighted to find nail clippings under her desk.

The indoor shade is a neon yellow, a bit iridescent. Olivia thinks it'll look really great with her all black outfit for when we GO TO SEE CIARA TONIGHT BECAUSE WE ARE GOING TO SEE CIARA TONIGHT AND WATCH HER MIME SEX ON STAGE I CAN'T WAIT.

The last thing we want to do is exert ourselves, so Olivia stuck her hand out the window to try to get the color to change. No such luck, it's overcast.

I convinced young Olive, by bribing her with cigarettes, to trek across the street into the one sliver of direct sunlight across the street.

And then it happened: the neon yellow changed to a nice shade of goldenrod. The shade is called "Electric Firefly" if you've been wooed into purchasing by the most enthralling article I've ever written.

Does mood polish exist? Do we even exist?