Dear Tokyo: How Are We Supposed to Function With Nails Like This?

Instagram photos from the recent Nail Expo are making us scratch our heads (while we still can).
Publish date:
November 20, 2015

We've seen some pretty impressive nail art in our day, but Mashable brought our attention to the Instagram photos out of Tokyo's recent Nail Expo and they're completely blowing our minds.

The sweater nail trend looks like child's play when you compare it to creations like this masterful mani filled with all sorts of 3-D confectionary delights.

And we'd be remiss if we didn't show of these digits, which come complete with their own tiny teddy bear.

Then there's this woman, who gave her nails a little bit of everything, including something very, very furry.

You know it's a good nail expo when the below manicure looks very tame (beautiful, but tame).

Our question is, when you come up with nail art this fantastical, how can top yourself next year? Seriously, look at this one:

With imaginations running this wild, we have full faith that they'll all nail it (get it?) in 2016.

This post originally appeared on Tokyo’s Nail Expo Produced Some Game-Changing Nail Art; Kelly Bryant