The Vinegar Trick That'll Make Your Manicure Last Longer

I was skeptical at first, and still am because it worked too good (...well) to be true.
Publish date:
August 29, 2013
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Last week, my friend casually mentioned this weird vinegar trick that makes her manicures last longer. I usually roll my eyes at this kind of thing; it sounded like an urban legend on par with toilet alligators. But I felt, as a beauty writer, that it was my responsibility to try it out.

Basically you take white vinegar, swab it on your naked nails, let air dry, and then apply polish.

I did this on Saturday, and with the exception of a freak accident with my left middle finger involving a laundry machine, my manicure lasted way longer than normal. This morning, five full days later, my solid red (Essie's "First Dance") nails could totally pass as belonging to a chick that has her life together and not one that uses her nails as a screwdriver trying to replace a lightbulb in her vanity mirror.

Despite using professional-manicurist-recommended base and top coats, my nails had never made it that long. Remember my Beverly Hills Hotel wallpaper swag nails? I had about half the banana leaves still clinging for dear life on my fingers by day three.

The theory is that the vinegar dries out the nail surface, removing any moisture or residue that could come between the nail and the base coat, making the first coat adhere better and thus extending the life of your manicure.

Today, after using the vinegar and the Rejuvacote, I'm going with FACE Stockholm's holographic polish in Leto. (I could definitely tell a difference in my nail strength after using the Rejuvacote for the past few weeks. They were still in the final recovery stages after the fiberglass extensions, and they're finally back to being super tough and long.)

You can definitely get away with one coat of this, but I like the more opaque look of two.

I'll update you in a week, assuming I don't get bored with the polish or experience some other freak accident. If you try this, let me know and we'll compare results. It worked the first time around, but I'm determined to find out if it was by some weird coincidence and if the trick is too good to be true.