The Next New Thing In Nail Art

Publish date:
July 24, 2013
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I'm going to try not to get into a major discussion on tattoos right now. I could go on. And on. I have strong feelings about dudes' tattoos; I guess tattoos have more of a "sexy" connotation to me than any other kind. I'm not sexually attracted to women, so I don't have strong feelings about women's tattoos other than what I'm about to say below.

I think it takes a lot of balls (Lol what if we start saying "boobs." Like, "It takes a lot of boobs" because honestly, I don't have balls. And I don't think they should stand for confidence. I think it takes more **baLLs** to have your confidence--implying body parts right up in front where everybody can see. You know? WHY DID KATE DECIDE TO HAVE A BOY?! UGH.)

Like I was saying, I think it takes a lot of balls (quit trying to make "boobs" happen) to get tattoos. Like, proudly display and/or acknowledge them without the, "**sigh** I got that in college." I think it takes just as many balls (I guess two, or one really big one--you should get that checked, btw), to not get them. It's all about knowing yourself. Like, "Tattoos aren't for me!" I get that some people need to experiment to figure that out, but props to those who don't need to dabble in the permanent fashion statement that they've become at the moment.

This is the reason why I'm not totally hating well-styled temporary tattoos. It means that body art is probably going to keep being a "thing" and THAT OPENS WHOLE NEW DOORS FOR A BEAUTY WRITER THAT CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHAT ELSE TO POSSIBLY SAY ABOUT MASCARA.

Recently, I've been seeing nail art migrating outside the nail. First it was the adorable painted-on bunny ears that sprung out from an Easter-themed nail on ze Insthagraham, then a few rhinestones or studs glued around the cuticle, then this. And most recently, these, which are basically nail decals, which are basically temporary tattoos, just applied to the skin rather than the nail. (You can use on both.)

I see this time being forever known as the "hand revival," in that one college art class that we all have to take. Knuckle rings, regular rings, jointed rings, nail art, nail piercing (I should do this), and now KNUCKLE ART. AM I KIDDING YOU!? I DON'T KNOW.

It's kind of cute right? A way to participate in the whole tattoo/migrating nail art trend without the risk of getting a totally ishy tat. Because unless you're going to somebody who's good with lines, that black ink is gonna bleed in your creasy knuckle skin. Bad knuckle tats come nowhere NEAR my panties, it's just a rule I have. High standards or whatever.

Try to find simple, small tats in plain black. This awesome and awesomely-named chick Sara M. Lyons sent some in a little coke baggie along with her FREAKING ADORABLY SLEAZY nail decals.

You could even use the teeny tiny nail decals right above your cuticle. The possibilities! They are endless!

I painted Butter's Matte Finish over the chartreuse and it makes it look like a really great neon yellow. The diamond makes me feel like Rihanna. Except white, and 5'2'' and with no singing or performing abilities. And not enough weed. Or money. Basically nothing like Rihanna.