The World's First Ambidextrous Nail Art!

Test-driving Ciaté's foil manicure.
Publish date:
May 20, 2013
nail art, metallics, foil nails, gilded

It might be the fumes, but I get a total head rush every time I go into an art supply store. I love all the options!

I vehemently despise, however, the kits. Why are there straight-up half-hour craft kits in art supply stores? You're not creative, you followed directions. It's like those chicks that "made" cookies. You broke apart a slab of cookie dough, put it inside a heated box, and splooged some chemical goo on top. Oh, I really like those sprinkles you overzealously salted on. Fifth-place-ribbon green and pancreatic-cancer-awareness-ribbon purple complement each other nicely.

Does a Jewish post-grad who just assembled their Ikea Malm three-door chest suddenly become Jesus? No! Screw kits!

...was what I always said. But, as has been eloquently paraphrased from the comments section, "Whenever a dumb beauty editor sees something that reflects light, they exclaim, 'Oooh! Shiny!' and, like, just pounce. And it's automatically recommended." Seriously, you HAVE to get the Ciaté foil manicure kit.

It actually makes sense to be in kit form. I can't hate that you're getting the stack of colored and glittery and iridescent metallic foils and the appropriate glue in one fell Sephora swoop. But two items does not a kit make, so Ciaté threw in a nail polish to make a set, which is basically a kit. Kit, kit, kit. Buy it.

Buy it, especially, if you love the look of nail art but have zero control over your limbs. You know who you are. "This would totally look cute on my left hand, but my right hand would look like a sleepy octopus toddler painted it with a limp spinach leaf." Well, may I introduce what is truly the world's first ambidextrous nail art?

First, paint two coats of the polish. Obviously you can use whatever color you want--not just the ones included. As a side, I liked the fluidity of Ciaté polish. It "flowed" well into my cuticle region, but I think it needs three coats to give good color--as with this light greyish purple. *Whatevs*

Then paint a THIN spotty layer of the glue. It has the consistency of a fluid fabric glue. The hardest part about this manicure, besides choosing the colors (obviously picked the shiny/sparkliest), was waiting for the glue to dry. It has to be "tacky" to pick up the foil from the sheet.

Just press the foil sheet down firmly onto the almost-dried glue. The second hardest part was making sure to place the shiny side up for this. Why is that so counterintuitive?

I should've stopped with the yellow gold on the lavender; it looked really nice and demure. But I exercise self-control the same way I do physical exercises: sporadically, for short periods of time, or whevenever I need to look really good. So I kept from adding another layer of foil for about as long as it took for me to pick the color from the pile on the table.

Just repeat the steps. I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to really try. It's like, anarchy. La di da...

And seal with a top coat, duh! I already know that I'm actually going to do this again, which is saying something coming from somebody who's always been a little suspect to the novelty nail game. And price-wise, this is a good deal. A bottle of Ciaté is, like, $15. The whole kit is $19. I don't feel played!