Stitched Nails: A Weird, But Kind Of Awesome Look To Try This Weekend

Plus, every middle finger needs a little bow on top.
Publish date:
November 22, 2013
nail art, bows, stitched nails, thread, western nails

I used to sew.

I guess embroidery isn't really what comes to mind with the word "sew," but that was my strong suit. I never got a chance to complete any huge clothes-making projects, but was pretty okay with hemming a skirt and tailoring a pair of vinyl jeans. (Yes, I have vinyl see-through jeans. The tailor wouldn't make them tight enough so I had to take matters into my own hands.)

Anyway, I miss it! It's a time-consuming but beautiful way to create--and you can't really screw up embroidery too badly. Just remove a stitch, you know? And if the whole thing sucks upon completion just know that it's only 12-36 hours of your life spent stabbing yourself that you'll never get back.

I've been wanting to do a nail look that involved piercing for some time now, but couldn't quite decide what direction to take it. Dangling dolphin charm or simple gold hoop? No safety pins were small enough for a minimalistic punk look, but while at the supply shop I wandered down the thread aisle, when duhhhh...

Weird, right? Kind of has a western vibe with the whipstitching. And your friends will all be either totally grossed out or utterly impressed.

Just file your nails to the desired shape (the desired shape is round), and soak in warm water to soften.

Then take a very pointy needle or safety pin (or pin pin) and CAREFULLY pierce the tip of your nail with it. I used a controlled twisty motion, going slow so that it wouldn't jam through the nail and into the tip of my finger. It's not that hard not to do.

Use a strong, coated thread and pull it through the holes, up and over in a simple whipstitch pattern. A traditional cheap cotton or poly thread will fray easily and make it hard to poke through the small holes. I cut the ends at either side of the nail short and tucked under the nail, glueing with a bit of clear polish.

I added a little bow on the middle finger just by using two different threads on that nail, meeting between the second and third hole on that nail. (Each nail had five holes.) I'm infinitely proud of myself for tying a bow with one hand, but it's probably easier to ask a girlfriend for help. Not being sexist, just boys have huge caveman fingers. WHAT? It's true.

Next time I'd put the bow on the pinky, as I tend to use my middle finger a lot and it's looking a little worse for wear. I'll probably experiment with a different thread next time as well, I'm sure one exists that will fray even less, although the glace thread I used seems to be holding up fine. I bet with a coat of clear polish it would be in even better shape-- especially the ends of the bow.

What are you doing with your middle finger this weekend?