Press-On Nails For The Cupcake Lover Or Hellion In You

Our first-ever xoVain/xoJane crossover beauty experiment!
Publish date:
May 30, 2014
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One of my favorite things to do here is give (force?) beauty products on team xoVain and xoJane to try. Am I drunk with power? Probably! (Yes.)

As I was going through the latest batch of deliveries, I spied these beauties from our pals at Gloss48: Static Nails press-on nails in Rain Confetti and Leather & Spikes.

Each kit comes with 24 nails, a nail file, and nail glue. They’re reusable and shapeable; and the non-leather/glitter/spiky options can be painted over and repainted (use regular polish remover to get back to the starting point) if you want to change up the look. That’s pretty cool, no?

For this xoV/xoJ crossover experiment, I asked (demanded?) DaMonica and OG Girl Gang member Olivia, to give them a try. Here’s what they had to say:

• Olivia tried: Leather & Spikes

• Please describe these nails: “Siouxsie Sioux meets, well, anybody else who would wear fake nails. Meaning, IF Siouxsie Sioux wore press-on nails, I think she'd wear these. So I was obviously into them.”

• Where would you wear them? “If I were competing in a boxing match. In Hell.”

• Were they easy to apply? “They were super easy to apply! I was surprised because I'm a little bit of a dope with those things and they looked really awesome in less than 10 minutes.”

• Were they easy to take off? “I removed them by soaking my hands in nail polish remover. They practically melted off after I kept them in there for five minutes.”

• DaMonica tried: Rain Confetti

• Please describe these nails: "They are for cupcake lovers."

• Where would you wear them? "I'll wear them at a bakery to eat cupcakes. Nowhere serious." [Editor’s note: I am starting to think DaMonica is more focused on cupcakes than these nails.]

• Were they easy to apply? "Yes--it took no longer than five minutes. It’s a fun way to create an interesting manicure without the hassle of learning how to do nail art or put on stickers. And they're cute for when you want something to brighten up your day."

• Were they easy to take off? "Yep. I removed them by soaking them in nail polish remover for 10 minutes. Some of the glitter came off, but most of it’s still there."

Press-ons sure have come a long way. Are you into them? Or are they a big old nope? Tell us below!