These Press-On Nails Are Basically Every Spring Trend Rolled Into One

On-trend nails that don't require polish-drying waiting around? I'm in.
Publish date:
March 12, 2014
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Much like Kara, I am a press-on nail devotee. Once I tried my first pair, I was hooked. I hate waiting for polish to dry, and I love that I can have a high-gloss polish look for up to a week with the added ease of popping them off when I get tired of the manicure. Sure, gel manicures offer the same lasting results, but man is the removal process annoying (and stinky).

My preferences for press-ons are all over the map. Sometimes I'll snap on a pair of simple, single-coloured nails; other times I want something that's going to get attention. I've worn sets of press-ons before that have elicited questions from strangers about what manicurist I go to, and when I tell them they're fakes, they're always shocked.

One such pair is the set I'm currently wearing from Fing'rs Prints Street Beat Collection Press-On Nails in Go Bandanas. I'm really into this line of press-ons because they truly press right on. Various sizes sit in numbered trays for you to pick out and match up to your nails before sticking right on with a bit of firm pressure. No glue, not even any finicky tabs to pull off--their adhesive is on and ready to go when you are, and once you've pressed down, they're there to stay.

Now, if you're looking for a simple French tip or a solid colour, then you ought to move along. This faux manicure manages to combine a ton of spring's biggest trends into one fun, cohesive design. Let's examine the evidence, shall we?

Brights + Pastels (At The Same Time)

Chanel is pretty much known for sending out demurely elegant tweed numbers in shades of pastel pink and blue, but their runway show mixed it up, adding an artsy theme to classic Chanel mainstays with crazy splashes of hot pinks and vibrant yellows (a colour combo that, hey, also shows up in the press-on colour scheme). The paint-daubed eye makeup at the show was also an incredibly hot look but, unlike these nails, not all that accessible for the day-to-day.

Bold Prints

Peter Pilotto's design aesthetic is all about prints. If you managed to get your hands on any of the pieces from the Target collaboration, you probably noticed the crazy mishmash of patterns that the design duo favours. Their spring show continued the tradition, and I think the houndstooth-y prints on my press-ons share a similar vibe with these dresses and some of the looks in that aforementioned Target collection, too.

Ombré Fades

So, ombré was a hair trend to begin with, I suppose. It seemed like it was dying out, and then Jordan Catalano showed up and made everyone want perfectly sun-kissed hair again, and now the trend will probably continue to stick around for a few more seasons.

If you don't want to Leto-ify your hair, then you can always go for ombré elsewhere, like in your clothes. These gradient dresses from Fendi reminded me of a sunrise combined with those paint-swatch strips you can get at Home Depot. Graphic and soft all at once, kind of like the soft fade between shades also going on with, yep, the press-ons.

And if you can still consider nail art a trend, then that, too. Some may say that nail art is dying out, but I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon, especially since it's getting easier and easier to recreate at home. And while an intense manicure like this might seem like a bit of a commitment (OK, it's only going to last a week), I'm into it right now because the bright colours are reminding me that yes, spring will eventually come. I may be clothing myself in head-to-toe sad goth black (see my leather-edged sweater sleeve above for proof) until the weather gets warmer, but I like having these cheery nails to peer down at. They remind me of sunsets, city graffiti, and those airbrushed crop tops you can buy on boardwalks in the summer. Sigh.

Are you digging these? If you're going to adapt any of spring's trends into your beauty look, tell me about them!