Sparkly Ombré Nails That Prove Holiday Manicures Can Be Super-Sophisticated

Nothing says “happy holidays” more than glitter, glitter and more glitter.
Publish date:
December 17, 2013
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Every year at my parents' Christmas party, I like to do
something fun for the occasion. This year, I plan on sporting some glitzy nails, so I stole a bunch of polishes from my old roommate and took as much glitter as possible. (She has a never-ending polish
collection that I want to play with every time I’m over at her place.)

For these nails, I used two different glitter polishes on
top of a red ombre that I applied with a sponge. There are no Santa Claus or snowflake decals, but I can make that up to you guys by drowning your eyes
in glitter and red.

You will need:

·Red nail polish

·Small-fleck gold glitter polish

·Large-fleck silver glitter polish

·Makeup sponges


·Nail polish remover

Step 1

Remove any nail polish that may be on your nails and apply a
basecoat. I usually file my nails and don’t do anything to my cuticles.

Step 2

Take your sponge, paint red polish to an edge and dab it on
the tips of your nails. Slowly go about halfway down the nail to create an
ombre affect. You can use the reserved clean side to remove some of the nail
polish to help create the ombre look as well.

Make sure to apply two or three coats since the polish
goes on thin when using a sponge.

The skin around the nails will get some polish on it; so
don’t worry about it because you can remove that polish later.

Step 3

Apply the gold polish to the center of your nail. I’d stop
here on a normal day, but this is for the holidays, so the more glitter the

Step 4

Take your silver polish and apply it to the entire nail. My
polish has really large silver flecks, so I made sure to just go over the nail only
once or twice to not cover up the rest of the polishes.

Step 5

Clean up around your nails using a Q-tip and some nail
polish remover.

Finish off the nail with a top coat, and you’re done!

You can always alternate glitter options and use different
glitter options. But in the holiday spirit gold, silver and red work best. (Unless you use green instead of red, then that’s your call.)

Now that your nails look fab all that’s left to do is to
stack some rings on your fingers and call it a day.