This Shimmery Manicure Is an Instant Holiday Classic

Like Elf or something.
Publish date:
December 23, 2015
manicures, nail art, opi, Sinful Colors, wet n wild, washi tape, Lynnderella

This time last year, I was schlepping it the 12-hour drive home to Illinois for the couple days I got off work to celebrate Christmas with my family. Although it was great to be back, it was the definition of a whirlwind trip and was pretty exhausting.

This year, I played my cards right to have the whole week of Christmas off work, capped by both weekends to travel. It’s kind of obnoxious how excited I am not only to be home and celebrating with my family but to also have a long and relaxing break in the cold (and hopefully snow) as the holiday season should be. (Just kidding, it’s still in the 70s in NOLA; I’m dreading the cold.)

To really get into the Christmas spirit, I decided to go all-out on a festive manicure because my last one was super understated.

To start I applied my base coat of choice, Orly Bonder. On all of my nails, I painted a shimmering base color of Sinful Colors Super Nova. I’m not doing a big design on every single one of my nails, so on the rest I added a little bit of OPI Gaining Mole-mentum glitter to give everyone equal attention.

On two of my fingers, I went for a very simple Christmas tree design. I mean, really it’s just a triangle; it’s as simple as it gets. I took two small pieces of washi tape, stuck them together in a triangle shape, and smoothed it over my nail to give a clean edge.

The green polish is what makes it look like a decorated tree. It’s from the small polish brand Lynnderella and is called The Juice of Human Kindness, which is pretty much the greatest and kookiest name of all time. I love that it isn’t a hokey Christmas name like "‘Twas the Night Before" or something (I’m clearly not cut out for nail polish naming).

This polish works well for this manicure because it's mostly green micro-glitter with a few multi-colored flecks to make it like one of those pre-light Christmas trees which are a thousand times easier than stringing it yourself.

To do the bow nails you do need one tool. I picked up this teeny-tiny hole punch from my local craft store for just a couple bucks because it’s super cute and I’m a sucker for impulse buys.

To get the cleanest lines, I don’t suggest using washi tape, which can tear off the punch and leave a rough edge. Use normal Scotch tape or Scotch Expressions if you’re feeling fancy/also impulse buy colored tapes. The plastic-y style of tape will get a clean cut from the hole punch, just make sure to place the tape on and off your hand a few times to cut down the stickiness so it doesn’t rip off your bottom polish.

I painted on a super-thin layer of Wet N Wild’s Red Red polish. The pigmentation is awesome, so it works well with one layer, and the thinner the layer is, the faster it will dry, plus the cleaner the lines tend to be after carefully taking off the tape.

I topped it off with a hearty layer of Seche Vite to seal together all the layers and my super holiday festive manicure is done.

Show me in the comments your very most festive manicure!