The Half-Sequin Manicure: Holiday-Ish Nail Art For Minimalists

You can totally be festive without resorting to reindeer nail decals.
Publish date:
November 25, 2013
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Now that the holidays are getting closer, there are going to be countless beauty tutorials that pop up telling you how to look your "festive best." Sparkly red lips, shimmery smoky eyes, bejeweled barrettes in some sort of sleek chignon updo.

These are all well and fine, but it can result in a bunch of cookie-cutter babes in the same little black dress. It's cool to want to stand out sometimes.

To stand out, you don't need to coat yourself in Elmer's glue and then roll around in glitter. Minimalism can be pretty eye-catching too. Simplicity is cool.

I always have a backlog of inspiration images saved in my brain. It's probably not very reliable because my brain is a mess, but occasionally, inspiration strikes and it works out beautifully. I've had images of Givenchy's S/S 12 show in my head for a while, where models wore spliced sequins on the centre of their upper and lower lashlines. So pretty! So subtle!

And I put two and two together when I realized I had a bunch of sequins laying around in my "nail art box," which is a really messy shoebox full of sparkly things.

While I think the original look is super lovely, I thought transferring it to one's nails made for a nice play on the half-moon manicure.

I completed the look pretty quickly (at least in terms of nail art) and couldn't stop admiring my handiwork, so I'd say overall it gets an A+. If you're down with it, too, instructions follow!

I started by buffing and filing my nails so that I had a nice shiny, healthy-looking base to work with. I used the good old Revlon Crazy Shine Nail Buffer, which really makes your nails crazy shiny and is super-affordable.

Next up I used my favourite "natural-but-better" nail polish, Dior Nail Glow to give my nails a healthy pink sheen while making the whites look whiter and providing an overall glossy shine.

Once that dried, I started chopping up my sequins, picked up in a mixed-colour pack at Michael's for under five bucks. I used my scissors to slice them directly in half, cutting through the centre hole. For smaller nails, like the ring finger and pinkie, I cut slightly above the centre so that I had smaller crescents for my tinier nail beds.

When I was ready to apply the sequins, I dabbed on a drop of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti Chip Top Coat just above my cuticle and then used tweezers to set the sequin in place.

Thanks to the quick-drying factor of the Insta-Dri, the sequins were applied and set in place quickly and my manicure was done. It's pretty, it's simple, and it's just sparkly enough that you can tell people you're getting into the holiday spirit. You're welcome.