Taking Care Of Your Nails And Cuticles Has Never Been More Convenient Or Suggestive

It looks like one of those polish-remover sponge jars, but it's actually packed with nourishing ingredients (and pervy-sounding instructions).
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April 28, 2014
almonds, sephora, cuticles, camellia oil, vitamin e

I'm suddenly on a nail kick. It's a lazy kick, but it's a kick nonetheless.

I've gotten two manicures from the nail salon across the street from my apartment in the last three weeks! I did my own nails in between those manicures! I don't have a third example to shout about!

I haven't managed to do much more than keep my nails painted, though, so I clearly need to insert some some care into my routine; or rather, I need to insert my fingers into some care.

There is seriously no way to say "insert my fingers into" without causing discomfort en masse.

Anyway, you know those jars of nail polish remover that contain a soaked sponge with a slot for your finger? You just twist your finger a bit, and the nail polish comes off (ideally). Well, Sephora has taken this idea and turned it into a super-convenient way to keep your nails and cuticles in tip-top shape.

The foam in Instant Nail & Cuticle Care's little jar is, as the label says, "pre-impregnated" (are you more uncomfortable yet?) with camellia oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E to nourish and moisturize cuticles and nails.

You simply turn each nail within the foam and, to further quote the label: "Delicately massage to make it penetrate."

All together now: THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID.

Good job, guys.

Despite getting my latest manicure just yesterday, my cuticles were looking super-dry, as you can see here.

I dipped my bal... I mean... fingers in it one at time, but not even for the full minute recommended on the lecherous packaging.

Afterwards, my cuticles and nails were literally glowing with moisture without feeling greasy.

It can feel a little risky sticking a manicured nail in the foam if you're used to using remover this way, but the no-rinse formula doesn't do any damage to polish. (FYI: I'm wearing Essie Lapiz of Luxury, which is called Lapis of Luxury on some parts of the internet for some reason.)

Bonus: I learned a little French.

Would something this convenient make you more likely to take better care of your nails and cuticles? Or do you prefer more of a ritual?