Selfie Of The Day + A Little Giveaway

Because there's not enough of me on the site, RIGHT GUYS?
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August 27, 2013
nails, selfies, Incoco, giveaways

Happy Tuesday everyone! Here are more zits:

I painted my nails Saturday for the food article. They look amazing thanks to my recent Seche Vite acquisition. But I chipped the middle one on the inside of a laundry machine like a freaking commoner. UGH.

I'm dying for a haircut. I want Patti Hansen's all-over-the-place bangs. I like the idea of bangs but I don't like the idea of having to ever do anything to them.

I'm off to buy more crop tops in a second, but first, my feet.

These shoes are amazing. The soles are like thick rubber tires and I think their overall ugliness really makes people angry.

And I don't really get some people's concern over my destroying of cosmetics, but the fact of the matter is that we have too many beauty products to know what to do with. A couple of commenters made a good point: give them away!

So comment with a photo of your current nail situation and I'll send a random U.S. winner (Chosen by a robot. Ugh, I know sorry for the U.S. only BOLOGNA.) these four Inococo nail appliqués.