How To Make Your Own Self-Cleaning Nail Art Brush

I picked up this nail art striper trick from my brilliant colleagues.
Publish date:
October 1, 2013
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STOP! Don't throw out that empty nail art striper bottle! Instead, you can have a self-cleaning, never-clumpy, tiny brush for creating your miniature masterpieces! It saves on the cost and cleaning of nail art brushes. Plus, recycling is cool.

You will need:

  1. Acetone. Non-acetone remover will work but not as quickly. You will likely ruin or remove your polish in the process so you might want to wear gloves or take your polish off.
  2. A nail art polish bottle with a tiny brush (a "striper"); I like the ones by Kiss best.
  3. A dropper. I used the one I use for doing acrylic nails, but I'm pretty sure I got it at the drugstore for less than $2.

First, empty out as much of the polish from the bottle as you can. Since I used an old bottle, it was pretty molasses-y.

Now fill the dropper with acetone and fill the nail polish bottle. Just like chemistry class!

Cap it and shake it!

The polish is now thinned out and inky. Dump it! (It's helpful if your trash can isn't empty--the acetone will dry quickly but you're still working with liquid.)

Almost there! Clean any remaining gunk with a paper towel and repeat the last step as needed.

When your bottle is sufficiently clean, fill with acetone.

Now you use it with any polish!

Eventually the acetone will get inky and murky, but it can go a while before refilling.

Happy striping!