Santa Hat Nail Art: The Jolliest French Manicure

It requires minimal products, time and skill, but still looks like you made an effort. It's Christmas, after all.
Publish date:
December 23, 2013
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is said to be a time of cheer, family and fuzzy feelings. For some of us,
however, Christmas brings back memories of snarky family members, hostility
and, yes, even tears.

One way to make the festive season a more pleasant time
is with nail art. Last year, I did a sparkly red and
gold glitter gradient manicure, and fun was had by all (or just by me, whatever). This year, I need to up my game. I need to be creative. I am of the
Pinterest Generation and the pressure is on.
All I need is an amazing mani that will make Christmas more enjoyable and
impress all others in Generation P.


Say hellirrrr to my Santa hat mani! It
requires minimal products, time and skill, but still looks like you made an

All you need is some cotton wool, a white polish--I used Michellori Nail Polish in white--and a red nail polish--I used OPI’s Color So Hot It
Berns--but you can use a deeper red if you prefer.

with clean, dry nails. It's better if they’re a little bit on the long side so
that the fluffy part of the Santa hat can take up the tips.

your red polish and paint the base. If you want to, you can do your top coat at
this point, because you won’t be able to put a top coat over the end result
without ruining it.

take your white nail polish and paint the tips of your nails. They don’t need
to be even, because we’re putting cotton wool over it anyway.

letting the white part dry--we will be using it to hold the cotton wool to the
nail--pull off little tufts of cotton wool and press it together lightly in a
small strip. Just enough to cover the tips.

press the strip onto the wet white nail polish. If you have excess cotton wool
on either side or if it is too puffy on top, you can trim it with a nail
scissor. Don’t trim too much though, because it still needs to look fluffy.


was really easy, right? This manicure probably won’t hold up very well for days
on end, so I’d do it the day of your family get-together. If you try this (or
any other Christmas-theme manicure for that matter), post pics in the comments
sections so we can ooh and aah together.