I Want These Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens In Every Color

Even with just the three I got, there are so many possibilities!
Publish date:
December 6, 2013
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Have you guys noticed Sally Hansen’s latest nail polish
products? Tynan wrote about the new Triple Shine colors on xoJane recently,
and now I need to talk to you about the I Heart Nail Art pens.

Basically, they’re amazing, and I want one in every color. For
now, I settled with white, black, and red. Fourteen more colors to go!

They all
come with a fine tip except for the black and white, which also come with a
round tip. I didn’t even realize that until after using them, so it probably
doesn’t make much of a difference. My black pen was round tip and the white and
red were fine tip.

First, instructions! You cannot, for whatever reason, apply
these to bare nails. Apply a base coat of nail polish first (picking a base
color is half the fun). Then, to activate the pen, you have to shake it and
then push the tip down on a flat surface.

Now you’re ready to draw whatever you
want! They go on smoothly, and it’s very easy to draw with them. I did a few
different designs to show you some of the possibilities.

These are apples, in case you can’t tell. I used Sinful Colors
in Happy Ending for the green base coat. Although I love the color, it’s not
the best base coat because it took forever to dry, and was still a little
sticky as I was trying to draw on top of it.

The apples were very easy to make. I basically just made little
red blobs and then defined them into apple shapes as best as I could. Then I
added a little black stem on each, and a little white blob for the apple’s

For this one, I used Sally Hansen’s Onyx for the black base
coat and then carefully drew a white slice diagonally on the edge of each nail.

Then I added a jagged edge to each nail by making little
triangles along the edge of the white. I think I preferred the simplicity of the
first one, though.

For a pretty floral manicure, I did a base coat of Revlon Top
Speed in Jaded (a pretty mint color) and then used the white nail art pen to dab
tiny dots in circles for flowers. This one could not be easier and it was
probably my favorite. I imagine it would also look pretty with a base coat of
pink, peach, sky blue… You get the idea.

I wanted to see how the nail art pens would work on a glitter
base coat, so I applied Wet ‘n’ Wild Fast Dry in The Gold & The Beautiful,
and then did a black stripe on top of each nail.

Also, remember when Annie
wrote about nail art migrating?
I guess that’s been in the back of my head ever since because I decided to
continue the stripe down towards my knuckle on each ring finger. Random, but I
liked it.

And yes, the pen went over the glitter very smoothly. This
wasn’t the grittiest glitter nail polish ever, though, so proceed with EXTREME
CAUTION, I guess.

I tried the stripes next with a nude base, from the same
Clinique line that Marci wrote about here (thanks for the polish, Marci!). My shade is Pajama Party. (Sorry if my fingernails
look grimy in these pictures; the black from the previous manicure did not want
to come off.)

I really like the subtle look of the white on nude, and I’ll
probably do this again when my nails don’t have black nail polish residue on

I also tried it with a black stripe over the nude base. Did not
like that one as much; plus I was getting pretty cross-eyed from concentration
at this point and decided to stop there. If you’re not great at drawing a
straight line, my tip is to do tiny dots instead first, and then go over the
dotted line in small strokes.

Other ideas for nail art using these pens: red lips, creepy
eyes, cute panda bears, stripes, polka dots and even plaid if you have a lot of
free time. My favorite part about these is that you can wipe off mistakes with
a Q-tip without removing the nail polish base underneath--so even if you don’t
have the steadiest hands, there’s no excuse to not experiment with these.

Have you guys tried these yet? If not, you need to get to the drugstore
right now and get some! They’re just under $7 and make nail art so, so much
easier. And of course, I want to see your most recent nail art now. I really
hope someone has panda nails (with a cute panda butt on the ring finger).