Quick Question: What Do You Think Will Be The Next Big Beauty Trend?

Or is nail art going to be the One True Fad for eternity?
Publish date:
April 25, 2013
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If nail art were a person who liked to quote movies, it would probably go around saying "I'm kind of a big deal."

It really is! I can't remember the last time a beauty trend got this gigantic. There's a whole new magazine dedicated to nail stuff, for regular people! Not manicurists and industry folk! That's pretty major.

Hell, Annie even felt obligated to launch a one-woman naked-nail counteroffensive because her brain felt so saturated by chevron patterns, tiny cat portraits, and 3D textures like this stuff:

This here beady stuff is Layla Caviar Effect Nail Art. They work with any nail polish to create a crazy pellet-y surface or, in my case, something to pick at incessantly. And get this: It's been deemed hazardous by the Department of Transportation and has to be shipped via ground. BADASS!

So, today's Quick Question asks you to make a prediction: What do you think will be the NEXT big beauty trend?

Personally, I'm totally OK with nail art lasting indefinitely if it means Glennis will keep coming up with stuff like this: