Quick Question: Do You Enjoy Peeling Off Nail Polish?

I do. Hell, I'd pour Elmer's Glue all over my hands just to peel it, but I'm not in kindergarten.
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March 19, 2013
Quick Question, nail polishes, habits, JulieG

I did my nails (something I suck at) last night, so imagine my verklemptness when I noticed on the subway this morning that one had already chipped.

But my annoyance over the wasted time dissolved into happy anticipation: I get to peel the rest off! Yay!

I genuinely enjoy peeling off my nail polish--getting right under the base coat and stripping off a wide slab. There's something meditative about it. It calms me.

Which brings me to today's QUICK QUESTION: Am I the only one who gets a peaceful, easy feeling when peeling off nail polish?