Quick Question: Are Solid-Color Nail Strips Lazy Or Ingenious?

Or both, like me?
Publish date:
July 1, 2013
Quick Question, nail polishes, nail stickers, Incoco

I'm down with nail strips. Perhaps you recall my celestial nail-sticker manicure dedicated to Neil DeGrasse Tyson, or my mission to wear nail stickers on my wide clubbed thumb's nails? But in both of these cases, the adhesives were sporting a pattern I'd never be able to paint on my own. I mean, isn't that the primary reason they exist?

Today, we received a delivery of Incoco Nail Polish Appliques, including lots of intricate patterns that even the most skilled nail artist would screw up: lace, a tribal-esque design, a henna-ish pattern, etc. But they also included two sets of solid-color strips.

"Hmmmmm..." I said out loud, assuming everyone around me had been paying attention to me and knew exactly what I was openly pondering. "Couldn't I just paint my nails?"

Seriously, couldn't I? I'm uncoordinated, so it would definitely take me just as long to put these on as it would for me to paint my nails. And there are way more color options available in bottles than there are as strips.

Then again, I paint with a heavy hand, not only causing bubbles every freaking time but also getting the polish well past my cuticles, requiring clean-up. And then there's the fact that I always bump into something or a dog hair lands on my nail before the polish dries.

I do believe I am undecided about the justifiability of this product! I'll let you decide. Quick Question: Are solid-color nail strips lazy or ingenious?