Puff Paint Nails: 3D Nail Art You Don't Have To Order From Japan

And a great chance to use the stuff you had to have in every color as a fifth grader.
Publish date:
October 8, 2013
manicures, How-To, fabric paint, puff paint

While every blog ever is apprehensively predicting the End Of Nail Art, citing "nail art fatigue" in favor of... well, more nail art (Beauty and fashion sites need content, let's not be saying stuff we'll regret here, people.), the stuff's starting to grow on me. And it's not going anywhere fast-- betches are paying rent doing sick finger art, don't knock it if it doesn't hurt you, feel me?

That being said, my personal experience with nail art has been hit or miss. I tried the whole glue-Polly-Pocket-accessories-to-your-nails trend before, and the little white plastic bow fell off within the first 24 hours. Then there was this, which was met with RAVE reviews.

Last night while perusing the Instagram, as I'm wont to do always, I came across a photo of three dimensional dots evenly spaced over a nail. Not groundbreaking stuff, but it got me thinking, "Is that... puff paint?" The dots didn't appear to be gems, they looked too organic.

I had to test my theory, so I bought two squeeze bottles of "3D Dimensional Metallic Paint & Adhesive," "For fabric and most surfaces." Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but your nail is a surface, yes?

I tried various incarnations of puff paint nail art, my favorite being the pearly texture on my index finger.

I applied a heavy helping of top coat after letting the designs dry for an hour, and found that the black color didn't smear any worse, or nearly as worse, as most dark polishes.

This was just a test run, I have big things planned for my new favorite 3D nail art method!