Halloween Press-On Nails For Staying In, Going Out & Keeping It Classy

Because nail art is hard.
Publish date:
October 28, 2014
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I really, really love press-on nails. I mean, any product that caters to an easily distracted and highly impatient person such as myself is a win in my book, and time after time I find myself gleefully peeling and sticking on temporary manicures, particularly those from Broadway Nails, available at most drugstores and Target.

This Halloween, they've put out a handful (no pun intended) of options for every level of enthusiasm. Each set includes 24 glue-free nails in various sizes, so you're guaranteed to get a perfect fit and have some leftovers in case you lose a nail or two. (I know Halloween can get a little crazy.)

Here are some designs to look for and where to wear 'em.

For Staying In & Passing Out Candy To Kiddos

The Treasure Island set is decked out with cute cartoon spiders and ghosts, candy corn, and mod little polka dots. I can see this manicure on someone whose idea of a perfect Halloween is staying in with a horror movie with intermittent breaks to hand out candy to the kiddos, all while saving some fun-size bars for herself. This manicure says, "I'm being festive, but I value 'me time' and candy, too."

For Going Out To Da Club

Next up, there's the oddly named Pucker Up set. Emblazoned with a lacy spider web motif and a glittering silver arachnid, this belongs on the fingertips of someone who plans to go club-hopping on All Hallow's Eve. It's sparkly, it's kind of spooky, and it will look great in your Instagram photos. Plus it's not so over-the-top Halloween-y that it won't look great during the days following. And hey, black goes with everything.

For Keeping It Classy

Last, but not least, we have my favorite of Broadway's Halloween offerings, a set called Hollywood Satin. While the blood-red-to-black ombré on this manicure has a definite vamp vibe to it, it doesn't shout "TRICK OR TREAT." In fact, it's hard to believe it's a part of the Halloween collection at all. It's glamorous, with subtle gold glitter, and it's got a perfectly moody fall feel to it. Yes, it will go with numerous costumes--from vampire babe to retro pinup--but it will also work the rest of the year. Stock up and wear it on New Year's and Valentine's Day, or give a set to your mom for Mother's Day. This manicure is my number one.

Shape 'Em to Your Liking

While many of these nails come in a squared-off shape, they can be trimmed and filed down once applied into your own preferred style. For example, my Hollywood Satin manicure was originally quite rectangular, but once affixed to my natural nails I buffed them into a more flattering almond shape with the box's included emery board. Shiny, customizable press-ons for all!

  • So, do you think you'll be wearing press-ons this Halloween?
  • Have you settled on a costume, and if so, do you know how you'll be doing your nails? I wanna hear all about it.