Poppy Nail Art To Match Your Summer Mood

Nail art doesn't have to be "art." Sometimes it's just cute red poppies.
Publish date:
July 24, 2014
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I'm all about ultra-complex nail art, but sometimes a lady just wants to take the simple route. What could be simpler than dots and lines? That's all you need to know how to do for this "Minimalist Poppy" manicure (or so I'm calling it), which is inspired by the red, opium-producing flower of the same name.


- White nail polish

- Red nail polish

- Black nail polish

- Dark green nail polish

- Light green nail polish

- Fat dotting tool (the head of a straight pin will work)

- Fine nail brush

Step 1: Paint Nails White

Apply two coats of your favorite white nail polish and allow it to dry. I find that many white nail polishes are subpar (chalky, streaky, either too gloppy or too thin, etc.), but I've found a winner in Londontown's Chelsea Porcelain.

Step 2: Apply Red Dots

Using a fat nail dotting tool, add a few red dots on each nail. I put two red dots on my pinky, four on my thumb, ring, and middle fingers, and three on my index fingers. I'm using Nailtiques in Moscow, which is one of the prettiest, richest reds I've come across.

Step 3: Draw Stems

With a fine nail brush, draw straight stems from the bottom of each red dot to the tip of your nail. I also extended the stems up around the red dots in a V shape for depth, but it's not necessary.

Step 4: Grass Time

Adding some grass to your poppies will complete the look. For this, use your nail brush to intuitively draw blades of grass with your dark green. I'm using Sinful Colors in Last Chance.

For more dimension, apply a light green nail polish, such as Julep in Mackenzie, over the darker color.

Finally, apply a healthy amount of top coat, let it dry, and move about your day!

What sort of DIY nail art have you been experimenting with lately? I'd love to see some pics in the comments.