Am I Pinteresting Yet?

I don't like things that make other people happy.

Madeline suggested that I start Pinteresting, or pinning...? Like, for my job.

I've never more vehemently avoided anything in my life. I bet Etsy's pissed--Pinterest is full of simplified blueprints of half of the stuff it sells. And who the hell wants to look at pastel sprinkle-vomited piles of pastries and wedding-day hair inspiration? F$%k weddings. "It's easy to fall in love." And apparently easy to fall out of it. I don't know, I hope not. I do know that your stupid pearl-embellished side braid won't make a difference.

But apparently being big on Pinterest is good for the site--Marci has, like, 100,000 followers--so here's an adorable pastel-ish manicure and a stupid freaking pastry.

I always start with Butter London's Cuticle Eliminator. Because it's the best, and I deserve the best.

Begin with a darker color to make the edge stand out against the naked nail. Or, like, paint your whole nail a contrasting color before doing this part. Or do whatever you want, nothing really matters.

Just use the end of the brush perpendicular to your nail to make the little dots. The middle should be the biggest; make the dots closer to the edge as you go to either side.

Cool, you're done with this part. You'll probably get some nail polish on the skin above the edge of the nail making the smaller dots. Just clean it up and move on with your life.

Make another, closer-to-the-edge row of dots in a contrasting color.

Yay. Wow. It's really cute. I used OCC's Echo and Something nail lacquers.