An Easy Way To Make Your Gel Manicure Look Incredibly Chic While It's Growing Out

Filling in the spaces between your cuticles and the gel with dark polish looks SO COOL.

I have a huge problem with peeling my nail polish off every time I paint my
nails. I just can’t stand it when there is a tiny chip or crack. I can not!

avoid this problem and save money, when I get a manicure at an actual
salon, I opt for Gelish (why is it called Gelish? Is it sort of
gel? Gel-ish?) so that I can have pretty nails for longer and I won't feel the need to
compulsively pick and peel.

The problem I have encountered recently, though, is gel manicures can look yucky while growing out.

In order to resist the temptation to peel off my gel
manicure and completely wreck my nails, I need a quick and easy fix to make the
regrowth look intentional and chic. I don’t want to be the laughing
stock of my community.

Necessity always seems to breed innovation, and I eureka'd
the perfect solution for this.

All you will need is:

• a tiny paintbrush

• a contrasting colour of your
choice (I chose Sally Hansen Navy Baby)

• something to push your cuticles back
(I love my Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil from The Body Shop for pushing back
and nourishing my cuticles at the same time)

• something to remove excess
nail polish that will get on your cuticles (I used a Mavala Correcteur for this,
but you can use your little paintbrush with some nail polish remover for a
cheaper and just as effective alternative).

Before starting, push your cuticles back like you normally
would. This will expose even more bare nail, which is what we will be

From there, all you need to do is take your paintbrush and fill in
the spaces where the manicure is growing out. You will probably get nail polish
on your cuticles because you usually don’t work so close to them, but it is
easy to remove with the Correcteur or paintbrush and remover.

If you have any chips anywhere else on your nails, you can
even fill in a solid outline all the way around the nail and you will have a
chic outline manicure
. Any
mistakes won’t really matter, because you can remove them with nail polish
remover without affecting the gel manicure underneath.

What do you think? How do you deal with a growing-out gel manicure? Have you tried Allegra's nail-sticker trick?