4 Nail Polishes That Are Perfectly Suited for Spring in the Pacific Northwest

Pastels feel incongruous with the weather, but I am so over winter’s black-charcoal-wine palette I’ve been doing since October.
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May 5, 2015
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It's a common misconception that it rains in the Pacific Northwest constantly. I was happy to discover that Washington state is a gorgeous place to live when my husband and I relocated to Tacoma three years ago. After too many East Coast winters, I was delighted with the Pac NW’s mild winters and balmy, breezy summers.

But summer doesn’t start until July.

Spring is the reason people associate the Pac NW with gray skies and endless rain. Before the region erupts in the greenest of trees silhouetted against the bluest of skies, we must endure months of showers.

Stylistically, it’s a strange transition. Pastels feel incongruous with the weather, but I am so over winter’s black-charcoal-wine palette I’ve been doing since October. Instead, I find myself looking for ways to incorporate blues, pinks, and purples with a tinge of grey, mirroring my surrounding my environment.

If I had to describe the color of the Pacific NW right now in one word, I would go with griegeblurple, a swirl of gray, beige, blue, and purple.

Here are four nail colors I’m digging inspired by that griegeblurple vibe:

Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Color in Wet Cement

Colors: Grey, Purple, Beige

A great knock off of cult favorite, Chanel’s Particuliere, Wet Cement is a surprisingly versatile shade that complements most color combinations. I’ve been getting a lot of mileage pairing it with outfits of muted navies and burgundies, as well as fuschia and cobalt. The lavender undertone is just enough to keep it from being grey, and is reminiscent of the Pac NW sky on an overcast March day.

Revlon Nail Enamel in Sheer Petal

Colors: Beige, Pink

This is my HG neutral. One coat gives my nail a healthy pinky glow, and two coats or more results in a soft but not saccharine pink that recalls the delicate blossoms just barely budding on the trees lining my street, hanging on for dear life through torrential downpours.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Color in Navy Fleet

Colors: Blue, Grey

This slate-colored polish reminds me of how Puget Sound’s wind-whipped waters look during a storm. The blue edges out the grey enough to keep it more of a statement polish, but it’s less assertive than a black or gunmetal shade. The color is also flattering on almost every skin tone.

Sinful Colors in Dream On

Colors: Purple

I saved my favorite for last. The other day my husband, an avid gardener, came home in a cheery mood.

Me: “Hi, honey. You look happy. Good day?”

Him: “Yes! There are purple flowers growing by the front porch!”

It’s the simple things, people.

When I wear this color, I think of my husband taking so much joy in the return of our hyacinth out front.

I really (really) loathe the rain and cannot wait for summer to get to the Pacific NW. But right now I’m trying to embrace the moodiness, lushness, and promise of new growth that’s happening here, on my nails and with my overall attitude.

  • What colors are you doing this spring?
  • How does the weather or your surrounding environment influence your style choices?