Give Yourself A Handjob: Outline Nails

Or as I like to call them, when-the-edges-are-one-color-and-the-middle's-a-different-one-you-know?
Publish date:
February 28, 2013
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I'd seen these nails, like, EVERYWHERE, but I was super pissed because I couldn't recreate them for myself. Then I did a little Googling and discovered Madeline Poole, who's mushy, squirmy brain worms are all extra-creative and also geniuses. You should check her blog--she has really great stuff.

So her outline method works like a charm--a whole charm bracelet, in fact. (Note to self: Bring back charm bracelets.) I hope I did it justice.

I used CND's sticky base coat, L.A. Colors' black nail polish with the really skinny brush, Butter London's matte topcoat, and OCC's chimera polish.