New Year's Nails: The Easiest, Sparkliest Mani EVER

Because there's no better way to welcome 2015 than with glitter on top of glitter.

New Year's Eve is upon us. Now is the time when the world joins together in happiness to kick the old year out on its butt and welcome the new year in its place.

Even though I avoid going out on December 31st, I do salute the sequins, Champagne, and dramatic beauty choices that get made on this holiest of drinking holidays. And it just so happens that I have the PERFECT New Year's manicure to usher in 2015. Think vampy and sparkly and fantastic. Think festive and totally chip-proof. And then think insanely easy (we're talking four steps, guys).

Oh yes. It's possible. Allow me to show you how.

The main component of this perfect NYE nail look is Deborah Lippmann’s Good Girl Gone Bad Nail Lacquer.

This polish has made my life better. It’s the most gorgeously rich shade of deep berry-purple, and packed with so much glitter that you won’t be able to stop staring at your sparkling fingers. The glitter itself is very fine and the polish has a jelly-like consistency, which--miracle of miracles!--means that it’s actually easy to remove. It also means that, unlike polishes with chunky sequin sparkles, a single layer of top coat will leave your nails totally smooth.

The other thing that I love about this polish is that it’s party-proof. How many among us have chipped their manicure well before midnight thanks to too much Champagne? I know I have. Luckily, Good Girl Gone Bad has a top-notch formula that is totally drinking-resistant. So feel free to flail your arms around like a muppet, secure in the knowledge that your nail game will remain on point.

*Kermit flail*

Because this polish doesn't stain, you don't need to prep your nails in any special way: just apply your base coat, then two layers of Good Girl Gone bad (allowing each to dry completely), then a layer of top coat. A good top coat, like Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri, not only cuts your odds of chips, but REALLY enhances the glitter. And come on, mega-sparkle is totally the point here.

You can leave your nails the way they are right now and be the best manicured babe on the 2015 party block. OR (she said, steepling her fingers) you can take it to the next level with--what else?--even MORE glitter.

Rainbow holographic glitter, to be precise. Say hello to China Glaze’s Fairy Lights.

I’ve tried a lot of holographic glitter polishes, and Fairy Lights is the best. Not only is it incredibly sparkly, but the glitter is the FINEST that I’ve ever seen. We're talking micro-glitter-sized, and I love it.

Because it’s so fine, it doesn’t screw up the rest of your polish. This is so vital--if I wanted chunks of visible silver on my nails, I’d use silver glitter, you know? Fairy Lights is SO small, it practically vanishes into the rest of my polish, only becoming obvious when it catches the light. And oh boy, does it do that.

The only downside is that it takes a little while to dry. Cue up an episode of Arrow and join me in FREAKING OUT OVER THAT MIDSEASON FINALE.


To adorn your Good Girl Gone bad with some Fairy Lights, wait for the last coat of colored polish to dry completely (remember: nail polish is totally dry when you can touch it to your lower lip and it doesn’t feel wet, sticky, or very cold), then apply a single layer of the China Glaze overtop. When the Fairy Lights is dry, apply your top coat. You’ll REALLY notice how much more sparkly your nails become as you marvel at your manicure of berry and rainbow glitter.

And now you’re ready to usher in 2015 with amazing New Year's Eve nails!

How easy is this? It’s the least complicated, most gorgeous festive manicure ever. And the best part? Unlike so many other glitter polishes that require a sacrifice to the Elder gods before you can remove them, this comes off SUPER easily; I did all 10 fingers with a single cotton ball.

  • So tell me: How are you feeling about layering glitter on top of glitter?
  • What's your New Year's manicure going to be this year: sparkly or REALLY sparkly?
  • What are your NYE plans? I'm probably going to watch Star Trek on my couch while drinking Champagne and singing to my dog.