I'm Stuck In A Neutral Nail Rut

Am I overthinking how closely my manicure needs to match my clothing?
Publish date:
June 13, 2013
nail polishes, bare nails

I keep my nails bare most of the time and, instead, admire other people’s pretty nail colors. We’ve already established that I am incapable of painting my own, but even when I get my nails done, I tend to choose a nude shade (OPI’s Barefoot in Barcelona is my perfect nude).

It’s not that I’m not adventurous. My wardrobe choices are loud, and my accessories are louder; but when it comes to my nails, I like things to match. Not in the one-color-top-to-toe, but they have to be complimentary.

I can’t have a sexy scarlet manicure when I have a frou frou Betsey Johnson-esque pastel blue dress, for example. It’ll make me feel like I'm in a couture gown on the red carpet wearing sneakers--plain stupid.

There are some colors that will always work on my nails for me aside from nude, like neon pink. It goes with most of the things in my wardrobe, especially on the very few occasions that I decide to wear black. But then when I decide to throw on a hot pink frock, I get irritated that it’s all too matchy matchy.

And on top of the fact that my nails are almost always super short, they’re also usually bare.

Am I overthinking things, and am I the only one who gets this way?